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TROFF(1)		    General Commands Manual		      TROFF(1)

       troff - typeset or format documents

       troff [ -abfiqtwz ] [ -mpackage ] [ -nN ] [ -opagelist ]
	    [ -pN ] [ -raN ] [ -sN ] [ filenames ] ...

       This  command  is available with	the Text software installation option.
       Refer to	for information	on how to install optional software.

       troff formats text in the filenames.  For  historical  reasons,	output
       goes to a CAT/4 phototypesetter attached	to /dev/cat, but nobody	uses a
       CAT/4 anymore.  Ordinarily, postprocessing software converts output  to
       a form that can be printed on newer typesetters or laser	printers.  De-
       fault font width	tables	correspond  to	Times  Roman  on  PostScripttm
       printers.  See also the nroff(1)	manual page, which describes a format-
       ter for typewriter-like devices.

       Input to	troff is expected to consist of	text interspersed with format-
       ting  requests  and  macros.  If	no filename argument is	present, troff
       reads standard input.  A	`-' as	a  filename  argument  indicates  that
       standard	 input is to be	read at	that point in the list of input	files;
       troff reads the files named ahead of the	`-'  in	 the  arguments	 list,
       then  text  from	the standard input, and	then text from the files named
       after the `-'.

       If the file /etc/adm/tracct is writable,	troff keeps printer accounting
       records	there.	 The  integrity	 of that file may be secured by	making
       troff a "set-user-ID" program (see chmod(1V) for	details	on the	setuid
       permission bit.)

       Options	may  appear  in	any order, but they all	must appear before the
       first filename.

	      -a     Send a printable ASCII approximation of  the  results  to
		     the standard output.

	      -i     Read  the	standard  input	 after the input files are ex-

	      -q     Disable echoing during a .rd request.

	      -t     Direct output to  the  standard  output  instead  of  the
		     printer.	Since this output is non-ASCII it is generally
		     redirected	to lpr -t.

		     Prepend the macro file /usr/lib/tmac/tmac.package to  the
		     input  filenames.	 (Note	that  most references to macro
		     packages include the leading "m" as part of the name; the
		     man(7) macro package resides in /usr/lib/tmac/

	      -nN    Number first generated page N.

	      -olist Print  only pages whose page numbers appear in the	comma-
		     separated list of numbers and ranges.  A range N-M	 means
		     pages N through M;	an initial -N means from the beginning
		     to	page N;	and a final N- means from N to the end.

	      -raN   Set register a (one-character) to N.

       Some options of troff only apply	if you have  a	CAT/4  typesetter  at-
       tached  to your system.	These options remain present for backward com-
       patibility.  However, this version of troff does	not support this type-
       setter by default.

	      -b     Report  whether  the typesetter is	busy or	available.  No
		     text processing is	done.

	      -f     Refrain from feeding paper	out and	stopping at the	end of
		     the print job on the typesetter.

	      -w     Wait until	typesetter is available, if currently busy.

	      -z     Suppress  all  formatted  output.	 Display only terminal
		     messages produced by .tm requests and diagnostics.

	      -pN    Print all characters in point size	N while	retaining  all
		     prescribed	 spacings  and motions,	to reduce elapsed time
		     on	the typesetter.

	      -sN    Stop the phototypesetter every N pages.  troff produces a
		     trailer  so  you can change cassettes; resume by pressing
		     the typesetter's start button.

       /tmp/ta*		   temporary file
			   standard macro files
       /usr/lib/term/*	   terminal driving tables for nroff
       /usr/lib/font/*	   font	width tables for alternate mounted troff fonts
       /dev/cat		   phototypesetter
       /etc/adm/tracct	   accounting statistics for /dev/cat

       checknr(1),  chmod(1V),	col(1V),  eqn(1),  lpr(1),  nroff(1),  tbl(1),
       printcap(5), man(7), me(7), ms(7), lpd(8)

       No /dev/cat: try	-t or -a
	      The  CAT/4 typesetter is not accessible from your	machine.  Com-
	      bine the -t option of troff with the -t option of	lpr(1) to  get
	      output on	a laser	printer	or typesetter.	For information	on how
	      to inform	lpd(8) of a PostScript printer attached	 to  a	remote
	      host, see	printcap(5).

       troff is	not 8-bit clean	because	it is by design	based on 7-bit ASCII.

			       21 December 1987			      TROFF(1)


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