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tk_chooseDirectory(n)	     Tk	Built-In Commands	 tk_chooseDirectory(n)


       tk_chooseDirectory  - pops up a dialog box for the user to select a di-

       tk_chooseDirectory ?option value	...?

       The procedure tk_chooseDirectory	pops up	a dialog box for the  user  to
       select  a  directory.  The following option-value pairs are possible as
       command line arguments:

       -command	string
	      Specifies	the prefix of a	Tcl command to invoke  when  the  user
	      closes  the  dialog after	having selected	an item. This callback
	      is not called if the user	cancelled the dialog. The actual  com-
	      mand  consists  of  string followed by a space and the value se-
	      lected by	the user in the	dialog.	This is	only available on  Mac
	      OS X.

       -initialdir dirname
	      Specifies	 that the directories in directory should be displayed
	      when the dialog pops up. If this parameter is not	specified, the
	      initial  directory  defaults to the current working directory on
	      non-Windows systems and on Windows systems prior to  Vista.   On
	      Vista  and  later	systems, the initial directory defaults	to the
	      last user-selected directory for the application.	If the parame-
	      ter specifies a relative path, the return	value will convert the
	      relative path to an absolute path.

       -message	string
	      Specifies	a message to include in	the client area	of the dialog.
	      This is only available on	Mac OS X.

       -mustexist boolean
	      Specifies	whether	the user may specify non-existent directories.
	      If this parameter	is true, then the user may only	select	direc-
	      tories that already exist.  The default value is false.

       -parent window
	      Makes  window  the  logical  parent of the dialog. The dialog is
	      displayed	on top of its parent window. On	Mac OS X,  this	 turns
	      the file dialog into a sheet attached to the parent window.

       -title titleString
	      Specifies	a string to display as the title of the	dialog box. If
	      this option is not specified, then a default title will be  dis-

	      set dir [tk_chooseDirectory \
		      -initialdir ~ -title "Choose a directory"]
	      if {$dir eq ""} {
		 label .l -text	"No directory selected"
	      }	else {
		 label .l -text	"Selected $dir"

       tk_getOpenFile(n), tk_getSaveFile(n)

       directory, selection, dialog, platform-specific

Tk				      8.3		 tk_chooseDirectory(n)


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