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tixFileSelectBox(n)	     Tix Built-In Commands	   tixFileSelectBox(n)

       tixFileSelectBox	- Create and manipulate	Tix FileSelectBox widgets

       tixFileSelectBox	pathName ?options?

       The  FileSelectBox  widget supports all the standard options of a frame
       widget.	See the	options(n) manual entry	for details  on	 the  standard

       [-browsecmd browsecmd]  Specifies  the command to execute when the user
       browses through the files. By default, if the -browsecmd	is  specified,
       the  browse command will	be executed when the user clicks on a filename
       in the Files listbox.  [-command	command] Specifies the command to exe-
       cute  when  the FileSelectBox is	invoked. This command is executed with
       one parameter : the filename selected by	the user.

       Name:	      directory
       Class:	      Directory
       Switch:	      -directory
       Alias:	      -dir

	      Specifies	the directory to look for files. By default this  will
	      be  the  current	working	 directory  of the program and will be
	      changed as the user browses through the directories.  [-disable-
	      callback disableCallback]	 A  boolean  value  indicating whether
	      callbacks	should be disabled. When set to	true, the TCL  command
	      specified	by the -command	option is not executed when the	-value
	      of the ExFileSelectBox widget changes.  [-pattern	pattern] Spec-
	      ifies  the  matching  pattern  of	 the file names	that should be
	      listed in	the Files listbox. For example "*.c" matches  all  the
	      filenames	that end with ".c". If this option is set to the empty
	      string, the default pattern "*" will be used.

       Name:	      value
       Class:	      Value
       Switch:	      -value
       Alias:	      -selection

	      Specifies	the name of the	filename  currently  selected  by  the

       Name:	      dirlist
       Class:	      TixScrolledListBox

	      The scrolled listbox that	shows the directories.

       Name:	      filelist
       Class:	      TixScrolledListBox

	      The scrolled listbox that	shows the files.

       Name:	      filter
       Class:	      TixComboBox

	      The ComboBox listbox that	shows the filter string.

       Name:	      selection
       Class:	      TixComboBox

	      The ComboBox listbox that	shows the file selection.

       The  tixFileSelectBox  command creates a	new window (given by the path-
       Name argument) and makes	it into	a  FileSelectBox  widget.   Additional
       options,	 described  above,  may	be specified on	the command line or in
       the option database to configure	aspects	of the FileSelectBox  such  as
       its cursor and relief.

       The  FileSelectBox  is similar to the standard Motif(TM)	file-selection
       box. It is generally used for the user to choose	a file.	 FileSelectBox
       stores  the  files  mostly  recently selected into a ComboBox widget so
       that they can be	quickly	selected again.	The tixFileSelectDialog	widget
       is a combination	of the FileSelectBox widget and	a dialog widget.

       The  tixFileSelectBox  command  creates a new Tcl command whose name is
       the same	as the path name of the	FileSelectBox's	window.	 This  command
       may  be	used  to  invoke various operations on the widget.  It has the
       following general form:
	      pathName option ?arg arg ...?
       PathName	is the name of the command, which is the same as  the  FileSe-
       lectBox widget's	path name. Option and the args determine the exact be-
       havior of the command.  The following commands are possible for FileSe-
       lectBox widgets:

       pathName	cget option
	      Returns  the  current value of the configuration option given by
	      option. Option may have any of the values	accepted by  the  tix-
	      FileSelectBox command.

       pathName	configure ?option? ?value option value ...?
	      Query  or	modify the configuration options of the	widget.	 If no
	      option is	specified, returns a list describing all of the	avail-
	      able  options for	pathName (see Tk_ConfigureInfo for information
	      on the format of this list).  If option  is  specified  with  no
	      value,  then the command returns a list describing the one named
	      option (this list	will be	identical to the corresponding sublist
	      of  the  value  returned	if no option is	specified).  If	one or
	      more option-value	pairs are specified, then the command modifies
	      the  given  widget option(s) to have the given value(s); in this
	      case the command returns an empty	string.	 Option	may  have  any
	      of the values accepted by	the tixFileSelectBox command.

       pathName	filter
	      Updates  the  files listed in the	FileSelectBox according	to the
	      filtering	pattern	sepcified in the filter	subwidget.

       pathName	invoke
	      Execute the command specified by the -command  option  with  the
	      filename stored in the selection subwidget.

       pathName	subwidget  name	?args?
	      When  no options are given, this command returns the pathname of
	      the subwidget of the specified name.

	      When options are given, the widget command of the	specified sub-
	      widget will be called with these options.

       TIX  automatically creates class	bindings for FileSelectBoxes that give
       them the	following default behavior:

       [1]    Mouse button 1 in	the Directory listbox will change  the	filter
	      string to	the selected directory.

       [2]    Mouse  button  1	in  the	Files listbox will change the filename
	      that appears in the Selection entry. It will  also  trigger  the
	      -browsecmd if the	option has been	specified.

       [3]    The current directory will be changed by (1) double clicking the
	      Directory	listbox	or (2) invoking	the Filter  ComboBox.	Please
	      refer to the man page of tixComboBox for the default bindings of
	      the ComboBoxes and how they can be invoked.

       [4]    The command specified by the option -command will	be invoked  by
	      (1)  double clicking the Files listbox or	(2) invoking Selection

       tixFileSelectBox, tixComboBox, tixFileSelectDialog, Tix(n),

Tix				      4.0		   tixFileSelectBox(n)


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