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tixFileEntry(n)		     Tix Built-In Commands	       tixFileEntry(n)

       tixFileEntry - Create and manipulate tixFileEntry widgets

       tixFileEntry pathName ?options?

       The TixFileEntry	class is derived from the TixLabelWidget class and in-
       herits all the commands,	options	and subwidgets of its super-class.

       The FileEntry widget supports all the standard options of a frame  wid-
       get.  See  the  options(n) manual entry for details on the standard op-

       [-activatecmd activateCmd] Specifies the	command	to be called when  the
       user  activates the button subwidget. This command is called before the
       file dialog is popped up	and can	be used	to customize the  file	dialog
       (which  may  be	shared by several FileEnt widget).  [-command command]
       Specifies the command to	be  called  when  the  -value  option  of  the
       FileEntry is changed. This usually happens when the user	inputs a file-
       name into the entry subwidget and hits the <Return>  key.  The  command
       will  be	 called	 with  one arguments --	the new	value of the FileEntry
       widget.	[-dialogtype dialogType] Specifies which type of  file	selec-
       tion  dialog  should be popped up when the user invokes the button sub-
       widget. Currently the following values are valid:  tixFileSelectDialog,
       tixExFileSelectDialog,  tk_getOpenFile,	tk_getSaveFile or tk_chooseDi-
       rectory.	 [-disablecallback disableCallback] A boolean value indicating
       whether callbacks should	be disabled. When set to true, the TCL command
       specified by the	-command option	is not executed	when the -value	of the
       FileEntry  widget  changes.  [-disableforeground	disableForeground] The
       foreground color	to use for of the entry	subwidget when	the  FileEntry
       widget  is  disabled.  [-filebitmap fileBitmap] Specifies the bitmap to
       display in side the button  subwidget.	[-label	label]	Specifies  the
       string  to  display  as	the  label of this FileEntry widget.  [-label-
       side labelSide] Specifies where the label should	be displayed  relative
       to  the	entry  subwidget. Valid	options	are: top, left,	right, bottom,
       none or acrosstop.  [-selectmode	selectMode] Specifies how the  FileEn-
       try  widget should react	to <KeyPress> events. When set to "immediate",
       any user	keyboard inputs	will immediately  change  the  -value  option.
       When  set  to  "normal",	the user keyboard inputs will be copied	to the
       -value option only if the <Return> key is pressed or the	keyboard focus
       is changed. The use of the immediate mode is discouraged. For effective
       use of the FileEntry widget, one	should use the	normal	mode  together
       with  the  update widget	command	(see below).  [-state state] Specifies
       the whether the FileEntry widget	is normal or disabled. Only the	values
       "normal"	 and  "disabled"  are  recognized.  [-validatecmd validateCmd]
       Specifies a TCL command to be called when the -value of	the  FileEntry
       widget is about to change. This command is called with one parameter --
       the new -value entered by the user. This	command	is  to	validate  this
       new  value  by returning	a value	it deems valid.	 [-value value]	Speci-
       fies the	value of the FileEntry.	  [-variable variable]	Specifies  the
       global  variable	 in which the value of the FileEntry should be stored.
       The value of the	FileEntry will	be  automatically  updated  when  this
       variable	is changed.

       Name:	      button
       Class:	      Button

	      The button subwidget next	to the entry subwidget.

       Name:	      entry
       Class:	      Entry

	      The entry	subwidget in which the user can	type in	a filename.

       The  tixFileEntry  command  creates a new window	(given by the pathName
       argument) and makes it into a FileEntry widget. Additional options, de-
       scribed	above,	may  be	specified on the command line or in the	option
       database	to configure aspects of	the FileEntry such as its  cursor  and

       The FileEntry widget can	be used	to input a filename. The user can type
       in the filename manually. Alternatively,	the user can press the	button
       widget  that  sits next to the entry, which will	bring up a file	selec-
       tion dialog of the type specified by the	-dialogtype option.

       The tixFileEntry	command	creates	a new Tcl command whose	 name  is  the
       same  as	 the  path name	of the FileEntry's window. This	command	may be
       used to invoke various operations on the	widget.	It has	the  following
       general form:
	      pathName option ?arg arg ...?
       PathName	is the name of the command, which is the same as the FileEntry
       widget's	path name. Option and the args determine the exact behavior of
       the command. The	following commands are possible	for FileEntry widgets:

       pathName	cget option
	      Returns  the  current value of the configuration option given by
	      option. Option may have any of the values	accepted by  the  tix-
	      FileEntry	command.

       pathName	configure ?option? ?value option value ...?
	      Query  or	modify the configuration options of the	widget.	 If no
	      option is	specified, returns a list describing all of the	avail-
	      able  options for	pathName (see Tk_ConfigureInfo for information
	      on the format of this list).  If option  is  specified  with  no
	      value,  then the command returns a list describing the one named
	      option (this list	will be	identical to the corresponding sublist
	      of  the  value  returned	if no option is	specified).  If	one or
	      more option-value	pairs are specified, then the command modifies
	      the  given  widget option(s) to have the given value(s); in this
	      case the command returns an empty	string.	 Option	may  have  any
	      of the values accepted by	the tixFileEntry command.

       pathName	invoke
	      Forces  the  FileEntry  widget to	act as if the user has pressed
	      the <return> key inside the entry	subwidget.

       pathName	filedialog ?args?
	      When no additional arguments are given, this command returns the
	      pathname	of  the	 file  dialog box associated with this FileEnt
	      widget. When additional arguments	are given, the widget  command
	      of the file dialog will be called	with these arguments.

       pathName	subwidget name ?args?
	      When  no options are given, this command returns the pathname of
	      the subwidget of the specified name. When	options	are given, the
	      widget  command  of  the specified subwidget will	be called with
	      these options.

       pathName	update
	      If the user has modified the entry using	keyboard  inputs,  the
	      update  command will update the -value of	this FileEntry widget.
	      When the FileEntry widget's -selectmode option is	set  to	 "nor-
	      mal",  one  should call the update command on this widget	before
	      examining	its -value option. This	command	has no	effect	in  if
	      the -selectmode option is	set to "immediate".


Tix				      4.0		       tixFileEntry(n)


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