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tixDirTree(n)		     Tix Built-In Commands		 tixDirTree(n)

       tixDirTree - Create and manipulate tixDirTree widgets

       tixDirTree pathName ?options?

       The TixDirTree class is derived from the	TixScrolledHList class and in-
       herits all the commands,	options	and subwidgets of its super-class.

       TixDirTree supports all the standard options of a  frame	 widget.   See
       the options(n) manual entry for details on the standard options.

       [-browsecmd browseCmd]  Specifies  a  command to	call whenever the user
       browses on a directory (usually by single-clicking on the name  of  the
       directory). The command is called with one argument, the	complete path-
       name of the directory.  [-command command] Specifies the	command	to  be
       called when the user activates on a directory (usually by double-click-
       ing on the name of the directory). The command is called	with one argu-
       ment,  the complete pathname of the directory.  [-dircmd	dircmd]	Speci-
       fies the	TCL command to be called when a	directory  listing  is	needed
       for a particular	directory. If this option is not specified, by default
       the DirTree widget will attempt to read the directory as	a Unix	direc-
       tory. On	special	occasions, the application programmer may want to sup-
       ply a special method for	reading	 directories:  for  example,  when  he
       needs  to list remote directories. In this case,	the -dircmd option can
       be used.	The specified command accepts two arguments: the first is  the
       name of the directory to	be listed; the second is a Boolean value indi-
       cating whether hidden sub-directories should be	listed.	 This  command
       returns	a  list	of names of the	sub-directories	of this	directory. For
       example:	proc read_dir {dir show_hidden}	{
	   if {$dir == "C:\"} {
	       return {DOS NORTON WINDOWS}
	   } else {
	       return {}
	   } } [-disablecallback disableCallback] A boolean  value  indicating
       whether callbacks should	be disabled. When set to true, the TCL command
       specified by the	-command option	is not executed	when the -value	of the
       DirTree	widget	changes.   [-showhidden	showHidden]  Specifies whether
       hidden directories should be shown. By default, a directory name	start-
       ing  with  a  period "."	is considered as a hidden directory. This rule
       can be overridden by supplying an alternative -dircmd option.

       Name:	      value
       Class:	      Value
       Switch:	      -value
       Alias:	      -directory

	      Specifies	the name of the	current	directory to be	 displayed  in
	      the DirTree widget.

       Name:	      hlist
       Class:	      TixHList

	      The hierarchical listbox that displays the directory listing.

       Name:	      hsb
       Class:	      Scrollbar

	      The horizontal scrollbar subwidget.

       Name:	      vsb
       Class:	      Scrollbar

	      The vertical scrollbar subwidget.

       The  tixDirTree command creates a new window (given by the pathName ar-
       gument) and makes it into a DirTree widget.   Additional	 options,  de-
       scribed	above,	may  be	specified on the command line or in the	option
       database	to configure aspects of	the DirTree such as its	cursor and re-

       The  DirTree  widget  displays a	list view of a directory, its previous
       directories and its sub-directories. The	user can choose	one of the di-
       rectories displayed in the list or change to another directory.

       The tixDirTree command creates a	new Tcl	command	whose name is the same
       as the path name	of the DirTree's window.  This command may be used  to
       invoke  various	operations on the widget. It has the following general
	      pathName option ?arg arg ...?
       PathName	is the name of the command, which is the same as  the  DirTree
       widget's	path name. Option and the args determine the exact behavior of
       the command. The	following commands are possible	for DirTree widgets:

       pathName	cget option
	      Returns the current value	of the configuration option  given  by
	      option.  Option  may  have  any  of  the	values accepted	by the
	      tixDirTree command.

       pathName	chdir dir
	      Change the current directory to dir.

       pathName	configure ?option? ?value option value ...?
	      Query or modify the configuration	options	of the widget.	If  no
	      option is	specified, returns a list describing all of the	avail-
	      able options for pathName	(see Tk_ConfigureInfo for  information
	      on  the  format  of  this	 list).	If option is specified with no
	      value, then the command returns a	list describing	the one	 named
	      option (this list	will be	identical to the corresponding sublist
	      of the value returned if no option is  specified).   If  one  or
	      more option-value	pairs are specified, then the command modifies
	      the given	widget option(s) to have the given value(s);  in  this
	      case  the	 command returns an empty string.  Option may have any
	      of the values accepted by	the tixDirTree command.

       pathName	subwidget  name	?args?
	      When no options are given, this command returns the pathname  of
	      the subwidget of the specified name.

	      When options are given, the widget command of the	specified sub-
	      widget will be called with these options.

       The mouse and keyboard bindings of the DirTree widget are the  same  as
       the bindings of the HList widget.


Tix				      4.0			 tixDirTree(n)


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