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ticc_fdstream(1)	    General Commands Manual	      ticc_fdstream(1)

       ticc_fdstream - Implementation of iostreams tied	to File	Descriptors

       Short description. Needs	work...

       The main	functions are:

       fdostream( int fd );
	      Open an ouput stream connected to	the socket with	the id:	fd

       fdistream( int fd );
	      Open an input stream connected to	the socket with	the id:	fd

	      Both  fdostream  and fdistream can be used as normal ostream and
	      istream streams for output/input respectively.

       bool nb_getline(	istream& stream, string& s, int& timeout );

       bool nb_putline(	ostream& stream, const string& s, int& timeout );
	      read/write a string s from/to a non-blocking stream stream using
	      timeout  to  terminate  the  operation when it fails to complete
	      within timeout

	      This only	works for streams connected to a socket	for which  the
	      operation	 mode  is  set	to  non_blocking,  using  fcntl( sock,
	      F_SETFL, O_NONBLOCK ) or the like.

       Ko van der Sloot

			       2015 November 26		      ticc_fdstream(1)


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