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The Fish(1)		  Contributed Software Manual		   The Fish(1)

     thefish --	user friendly rc.conf editor/management	tool

     thefish [-cvh]

     The Fish provides a graphical tool	(with GTK+, Qt and ncurses frontends)
     to	manage and edit	system variables stored	in /etc/defaults/rc.conf and

     For testing purposes, or, for users that need to have different configu-
     rations, the program honours two environment variables: FISH_RC_DEFAULTS
     and FISH_RC. Note that, although this program was created to edit
     rc.conf, it can edit similarly structured files, like /boot/loader.conf.
     This is a side effect of the way the parser was designed and, even	if it
     works, it's not officially	supported.

     The following options can be used:

     -c	Force console mode
     -v	Show version and exit
     -h	Show help

Modifying Values
     There are two kinds of entries in rc.conf:	Knobs and Strings.  Knobs can
     only be either YES	or NO. Strings can have	any value. To modify a Knob
     simply click on the toggle	button associated with it. To modify a string,
     edit the value to your needs. In the GTK+ version the status of each en-
     try is noted by small icon.  A floppy disk	icon means that	entry was mod-
     ified or is new and, therefore, needs to be saved.	Selecting a row	will
     print a little description	about the variable in the status bar.

Adding new entries
     To	add a new entry, simply	press the "Add"	button and fill	in the form.
     "Name" can	be any name that is not	already	in use.	 "Value" can be	"YES"
     , "NO", or	something else.	Note that "Value" must go between quotes, or
     you will get an error. "Comment" is an optional comment, and it will be
     appended to the new entry when saving the data. Depending on what value
     you enter,	the new	entry will appear at the end of	the Knob list, or the
     String list. Changes won't	be saved until you press "Save".

Saving changes
     To	permanently save your changes, you need	to have	write access to
     /etc/rc.conf (or FISH_RC) and press "Save". Once you do so, the
     modifications and new entries will	be stored in a delta fashion.

     By	default, The Fish reads	/etc/defaults/rc.conf and /etc/rc.conf
     You can change this behaviour by setting two environment variables:

     FISH_RC_DEFAULTS  user selected defaults file

     FISH_RC	       user selected personal settings file



     The Fish started as a little project in January 2002, based upon an idea
     posted by Terry Lambert on	the freebsd-hackers mailing list.

     Miguel Mendez <>
     portmaster	<>

     If	you find any, please report them.

FreeBSD	13.0			 Nov, 09 2015			  FreeBSD 13.0

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