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TCWMGR(1)			Tokyo Dystopia			     TCWMGR(1)

       tcwmgr -	the command line utility of the	word database API

       The  command `tcwmgr' is	a utility for test and debugging of the	q-gram
       database	API and	its applications.  `path'  specifies  the  path	 of  a
       database	 directory.   `etnum' specifies	the expected number of tokens.
       `id' specifies the ID number of a record.  `text' specifies the text of
       a  record.  `word' specifies a search word.  `file' specifies the input

	      tcwmgr create [-tl] [-td|-tb|-tt]	path [etnum]
		     Create a database fie.
	      tcwmgr inform [-nl|-nb] path
		     Print miscellaneous information to	the standard output.
	      tcwmgr put [-nl|-nb] [-rc] [-ra] [-rs] path id text
		     Store a record.
	      tcwmgr out [-nl|-nb] [-rc] [-ra] [-rs] path id text
		     Remove a record.
	      tcwmgr search [-nl|-nb] [-rc] [-ra] [-rs]	[-eu|-ed]  [-max  num]
	      [-ph] path [word...]
		     Search for	records.
	      tcwmgr optimize [-nl|-nb]	path
		     Optimize a	database file.
	      tcwmgr  importtsv	 [-ic  num]  [-nl|-nb]	[-rc] [-ra] [-rs] path
		     Store records of TSV in each line of a file.
	      tcwmgr normalize [-rc] [-ra] [-rs] text
		     Normalize a text.
	      tcwmgr version
		     Print the version information of Tokyo Dystopia.

       Options feature the following.

	      -tl : enable the option `WDBTLARGE'.
	      -td : enable the option `WDBTDEFLATE'.
	      -tb : enable the option `WDBTBZIP'.
	      -tt : enable the option `WDBTTCBS'.
	      -nl : enable the option `WDBNOLCK'.
	      -nb : enable the option `WDBLCKNB'.
	      -rc : do not normalize character cases.
	      -ra : do not normalize characters	with accent marks.
	      -rs : do not normalize white-space characters.
	      -eu : use	the union expression.
	      -ed : use	the difference expression.
	      -max num : specify the maximum number of the output.
	      -ph : print hints	also.
	      -ic num :	specify	the capacity size of the token cache.

       This command returns 0 on success, another on failure.

       tcwtest(1), tcwdb(3)

Man Page			  2010-08-05			     TCWMGR(1)


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