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TCTMGR(1)			 Tokyo Cabinet			     TCTMGR(1)

       tctmgr -	the command line utility of the	table database API

       The  command  `tctmgr' is a utility for test and	debugging of the table
       database	API and	its applications.  `path'  specifies  the  path	 of  a
       database	 file.	`bnum' specifies the number of buckets.	 `apow'	speci-
       fies the	power of the alignment.	 `fpow'	specifies  the	power  of  the
       free block pool.	 `pkey'	specifies the primary key of a record.	`cols'
       specifies the names and the values of  a	 record	 alternately.	`name'
       specifies  the  name  of	a column.  `op'	specifies an operator.	`expr'
       specifies the condition expression.  `file' specifies the input file.

	      tctmgr create [-tl] [-td|-tb|-tt|-tx] path [bnum [apow [fpow]]]
		     Create a database file.
	      tctmgr inform [-nl|-nb] path
		     Print miscellaneous information to	the standard output.
	      tctmgr put [-nl|-nb] [-sx] [-dk|-dc|-dai|-dad] path  pkey	 [cols
		     Store a record.
	      tctmgr out [-nl|-nb] [-sx] path pkey
		     Remove a record.
	      tctmgr get [-nl|-nb] [-sx] [-px] [-pz] path pkey
		     Print the value of	a record.
	      tctmgr list [-nl|-nb] [-m	num] [-pv] [-px] [-fm str] path
		     Print  the	primary	keys of	all records, separated by line
	      tctmgr search [-nl|-nb] [-ord name  type]	 [-m  num]  [-sk  num]
	      [-kw] [-pv] [-px]	[-ph] [-bt num]	[-rm] [-ms type] path [name op
	      expr ...]
		     Print records  matching  conditions,  separated  by  line
	      tctmgr  optimize	[-tl]  [-td|-tb|-tt|-tx] [-tz] [-nl|-nb] [-df]
	      path [bnum [apow [fpow]]]
		     Optimize a	database file.
	      tctmgr setindex [-nl|-nb]	[-it type] path	name
		     Set the index of a	column.
	      tctmgr importtsv [-nl|-nb] [-sc] path [file]
		     Store records of TSV in each line of a file.
	      tctmgr version
		     Print the version information of Tokyo Cabinet.

       Options feature the following.

	      -tl : enable the option `TDBTLARGE'.
	      -td : enable the option `TDBTDEFLATE'.
	      -tb : enable the option `TDBTBZIP'.
	      -tt : enable the option `TDBTTCBS'.
	      -tx : enable the option `TDBTEXCODEC'.
	      -nl : enable the option `TDBNOLCK'.
	      -nb : enable the option `TDBLCKNB'.
	      -sx : the	input data is evaluated	as a hexadecimal data string.
	      -dk : use	the function `tctdbputkeep' instead of `tctdbput'.
	      -dc : use	the function `tctdbputcat' instead of `tctdbput'.
	      -dai : use the function `tctdbaddint' instead of `tctdbput'.
	      -dad : use the function `tctdbadddouble' instead of `tctdbput'.
	      -px : the	output data  is	 converted  into  a  hexadecimal  data
	      -pz : do not append line feed at the end of the output.
	      -m num : specify the maximum number of the output.
	      -pv : print values of records also.
	      -fm str :	specify	the prefix of keys.
	      -ord name	type : specify the order of the	result.
	      -sk num :	specify	the number of skipped records.
	      -kw : print KWIC string.
	      -ph : print hint information also.
	      -bt : specify the	number of benchmark tests.
	      -rm : remove every record	in the result.
	      -ms type : specify the set operation of meta search.
	      -tz : enable the option `UINT8_MAX'.
	      -df : perform defragmentation only.
	      -it  type	 :  specify the	index type among "lexical", "decimal",
	      "token", "qgram",	and "void".
	      -cd : create the number index instead of the string index.
	      -cv : remove the existing	index.
	      -sc : normalize keys as lower cases.

       The operator of the `search' subcommand is one  of  "STREQ",  "STRINC",
       "STRBW",	 "STREW",  "STRAND",  "STROR",	"STROREQ",  "STRRX",  "NUMEQ",
       SAND",  "FTSOR",	and "FTSEX".  If "~" preposes each operator, the logi-
       cal meaning is reversed.	 If "+"	preposes each operator,	 no  index  is
       used  for  the  operator.   The	type  of  the  `-ord' option is	one of
       "STRASC", "STRDESC", "NUMASC", and "NUMDESC".  The type	of  the	 `-ms'
       option  is one of "UNION", "ISECT", and "DIFF".	This command returns 0
       on success, another on failure.

       tcttest(1), tctmttest(1), tctdb(3), tokyocabinet(3)

Man Page			  2012-08-18			     TCTMGR(1)


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