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TCRMTTEST(1)			 Tokyo Tyrant			  TCRMTTEST(1)

       tcrmttest - test	cases of the remote database API

       The   command   `tcrmttest'  is	a  utility  for	 facility  test	 under
       multi-thread situation.	This command is	used in	the following  format.
       `host'  specifies  the  host  name of the server.  `rnum' specifies the
       number of iterations.

	      tcrmttest	write [-port num] [-tnum num] [-nr] [-rnd] [-ext name]
	      host rnum
		     Store  records  with  keys	 of  8	bytes.	They change as
		     `00000001', `00000002'...
	      tcrmttest	read [-port num] [-tnum	num] [-mul num]	host
		     Retrieve all records of the database above.
	      tcrmttest	remove [-port num] [-tnum num] host
		     Remove all	records	of the database	above.

       Options feature the following.

	      -port num	: specify the port number.
	      -tnum num	: specify the number of	running	threads.
	      -nr : use	the function `tcrdbputnr' instead of `tcrdbput'.
	      -rnd : select keys at random.
	      -ext name	: call a script	language extension function.
	      -mul num : specify the number of records for the mget command.

       If the port number is not more than 0, UNIX domain socket is  used  and
       the  path  of the socket	file is	specified by the host parameter.  This
       command returns 0 on success, another on	failure.

       ttserver(1), ttultest(1), ttulmgr(1), tcrtest(1), tcrmgr(1), ttutil(3),

Man Page			  2010-08-05			  TCRMTTEST(1)


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