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TCFMGR(1)			 Tokyo Cabinet			     TCFMGR(1)

       tcfmgr -	the command line utility of the	fixed-length database API

       The  command  `tcfmgr'  is  a  utility  for  test  and debugging	of the
       fixed-length database API and its applications.	`path'	specifies  the
       path  of	 a database file.  `width' specifies the width of the value of
       each record.  `limsiz' specifies	the limit size of the  database	 file.
       `key'  specifies	the key	of a record.  `value' specifies	the value of a
       record.	`file' specifies the input file.

	      tcfmgr create path [width	[limsiz]]
		     Create a database file.
	      tcfmgr inform [-nl|-nb] path
		     Print miscellaneous information to	the standard output.
	      tcfmgr put [-nl|-nb] [-sx] [-dk|-dc|-dai|-dad] path key value
		     Store a record.
	      tcfmgr out [-nl|-nb] [-sx] path key
		     Remove a record.
	      tcfmgr get [-nl|-nb] [-sx] [-px] [-pz] path key
		     Print the value of	a record.
	      tcfmgr list [-nl|-nb] [-m	num] [-pv] [-px] [-rb lkey ukey]  [-ri
	      str] path
		     Print keys	of all records,	separated by line feeds.
	      tcfmgr optimize [-nl|-nb]	path [width [limsiz]]
		     Optimize a	database file.
	      tcfmgr importtsv [-nl|-nb] [-sc] path [file]
		     Store records of TSV in each line of a file.
	      tcfmgr version
		     Print the version information of Tokyo Cabinet.

       Options feature the following.

	      -nl : enable the option `FDBNOLCK'.
	      -nb : enable the option `FDBLCKNB'.
	      -sx : the	input data is evaluated	as a hexadecimal data string.
	      -dk : use	the function `tcfdbputkeep' instead of `tcfdbput'.
	      -dc : use	the function `tcfdbputcat' instead of `tcfdbput'.
	      -dai : use the function `tcfdbaddint' instead of `tcfdbput'.
	      -dad : use the function `tcfdbadddouble' instead of `tcfdbput'.
	      -px  :  the  output  data	 is  converted into a hexadecimal data
	      -pz : do not append line feed at the end of the output.
	      -m num : specify the maximum number of the output.
	      -pv : print values of records also.
	      -rb lkey ukey : specify the range	of keys.
	      -ri str :	specify	the interval notation of keys.
	      -sc : normalize keys as lower cases.

       This command returns 0 on success, another on failure.

       tcftest(1), tcfmttest(1), tcfdb(3), tokyocabinet(3)

Man Page			  2012-08-18			     TCFMGR(1)


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