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TBCLOCK(1)		    General Commands Manual		    TBCLOCK(1)

       tbclock - binary	clock with some	fun features

       tbclock [-abdefpvh] [-HMST color] [-m module]

       tbclock	is  a fullscreen terminal clock	that displays time in a	binary
       fashion or another. It features a few modules and games	to  play  with
       binary  displayed  time.	 By default the	lines are horizontal and shows
       hours, minutes and seconds, you can switch  to  a  different  behaviour
       with -a,	see below.

       The options are as follows:

       -v     Display version information.

       -f     By default, if the terminal is big enough, tbclock draws a frame
	      around the terminal with its version in  the  top-right  corner.
	      This option disable this behavior.

       -b     By  default, if the terminal is big enough, tbclock draws	a lit-
	      tle space	between	each blocks to	ease  the  reading,  use  this
	      switch to	disable	this little space.

       -d     Do not display the dots where the	bit is NUL on the clock.

       -a     Switch  tbclock  to display binary times in a different fashion,
	      easier for some people, one line per 'decimal digit' and	verti-

       -e     Switch  tbclock  to display decimal helpers. One -H will display
	      side help, -HH will display a decimal  clock  under  the	binary
	      clock, -HHH will display both. You can alternatively use the 'h'
	      key to switch between modes.

       -m <module>
	      tbclock features games and tools related to binary  clock	 read-
	      ing,  each  module will have its own keyboard bindings, check in
	      the next section for more	information.

       -H, -M, -S, -T <color>
	      Those options changes the	color of blocks. It  takes  a  numeric
	      option  between  0 and 7,	those numbers are directly copied from
	      ncurses.h, here are their	meaning	:
		   0: Black	    4: Blue
		   1: Red	    5: Magenta
		   2: Green	    6: Cyan
		   3: Yellow	    7: White

       -p     Force tbclock to use 12 hours display instead of 24, am/pm  will
	      not be shown.

       clock  This  is	the  default module, it	displays the current time. The
	      'h' key will switch between different decimal  hint  modes.  'a'
	      key  will	switch between the two different display modes 'verti-
	      cal' and 'horizontal'. Any other key will	quit.

       chrono This module will run a timer from	0 to whatever  you  need.  You
	      can  press  the  Spacebar	 at  any  time to pause	the timer, and
	      BackSpace	to reset it. Any other key will	quit. This module  has
	      an  extra	 binary	 line  that shows tenth	of seconds, this might
	      makes some slow terminal flicker.	'h'  key  will	switch	on/off
	      different	reading	helps, 'a' will	switch between display modes.

	      This game	displays a binary time and ask you its decimal equiva-
	      lent. To answer you have	to  fill  the  time  in	 this  form  :
	      "HH:MM:SS". The difficulty only changes the answer delay and the
	      amount of	points you get.	This module is not affected by -f,  -b
	      or -H.

       tbclock	is  maintained	by  Bertrand  Janin  <>.
       Please visit  for	more  informa-

       Franck  who  got	a binary watch and is at the root of the idea, Olivier
       Regnier for the color options idea and bug reports,  Andrew  Pantyukhin
       for  the	 FreeBSD  port,	 #debsquad  @ for the support and
       testing ;)


Bertrand Janin		       February	28, 2007		    TBCLOCK(1)


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