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bk tag(7.3.3)		    BitKeeper User's Manual		 bk tag(7.3.3)

       bk tag -	tag the	BitKeeper repository with a symbolic name
       bk tags - list tagged changesets

       bk tag [-q] [-rrev] symbol
       bk tags [repo]

       Tags (aka symbols or labels) are	used when you want to record the state
       of a tree.  It is quite common to "tag the tree"	with  a	 release  name
       when shipping a product to customers.

       To  add	a  tag to the repository, make sure that you've	checked	every-
       thing in	and created a changeset.  You can use bk status	 to  see  what
       needs  to  be checked in	and/or committed to a changeset.  Tag the tree
       by typing:

	   $ bk	tag Alpha

       The Alpha tag will be set on the	most recent  changeset.	  Or  you  can
       commit  a  changeset  and  tag the tree at the same time	with the --tag
       option to commit:

	   $ bk	commit --tag=Alpha

       To see all the tagged changesets	run

	   $ bk	tags

       which is	just an	alias for

	   $ bk	changes	-t

       Optionally, you can pass	bk tags	a repository URL (see bk help url).

       If you want to recover the state	of the world as	of a tag, do this:

	   $ bk	clone -rAlpha source_repository	Alpha

       which will create a repository which has	everything up to and including
       the Alpha changeset.

       If  you	discover  that	you  should have tagged	a changeset after more
       changesets have been added to the repository,  use  the	-r  option  to
       select the proper changeset.  You can find out which revision to	tag by
       running bk changes.

       A frequent problem is that you tag a changeset  with  "Done"  and  then
       discover	 you aren't done.  You may update the tag to the later change-
       set by running the

	   $ bk	tag Done

       command again.  If there	are multiple tags with	the  same  name,  Bit-
       Keeper  takes the most recently applied tag (which means	you can	move a
       tag backwards by	specifying an older revision of	the cset file).

       -q    Run quietly, supressing diagnostics.
       -rrev Tags an older release rev.

       Certain characters are not allowed in tags because they	conflict  with
       other parts of the BitKeeper revision, date, and/or range name spaces.

       A valid tag has to obey the following rules:

       o   Tags	can't start with the characters: '@', '=', '-',	'+', or	'.'.

       o   Tags	can't start with a digit ('0' to '9').

       o   Tags	 can't contain any character with an ASCII value less than 040
	   (octal) or in the following list: '|', '?', '*', the	DEL  character
	   (\177), '~',	'^', ':', ';', '/', '!', '"', ''', '$',	'%', '&', '\',
	   '(',	')', '[', ']', '{', '}', or '`'.

       o   Tags	can't contain spaces ('	').

       o   Tags	can't contain the sequences "..", ".,",	",.", or ",,".

       In a nested repository, this release only allows	tags on	 the  product,
       not any of its components; future releases may allow both.

       Need a way of setting a tag in bk citool.

       bk-admin, bk-changes, bk-commit,	bk-untag, bk-log


BitKeeper Inc			      1E1			 bk tag(7.3.3)


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