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sysinfo(1)			    hxtools			    sysinfo(1)

       sysinfo -- print	IRC-style system information banner

       sysinfo [-v]

       -v     Print additional info if sysinfo could not determine certain pa-
	      rameters because it was compiled without one  or	more  of  lib-
	      mount, libpci or libxcb.

       Prints out an IRC-style machine info, like:

       [ares08]	 Linux	3.13.4-jng21-default  x86_64 | 8-thr Intel(R) Core(TM)
       i7-2600 CPU 3800MHz | Load: 0.06	Tasks:	534  |	Mem:  20222/32154MB  |
       Disk:  1393/2904GB | Gfx: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Proces-
       sor Family Integrated Graphics Controller @ 1280x1024

       [ares01]	Linux 3.13.6+ sparc64 |	24-thr UltraSparc T1 (Niagara) 1000MHz
       | Load: 27.80 Tasks: 489	| Mem: 2048/7979MB | Disk: 1001/1833GB

       The  load number	is the EWMA over the last 60 seconds. The values shown
       for memory and disk are the used	amount and the total amount  (NOT  the
       free  amount and	the total amount). The used memory value may theoreti-
       cally exceed that of the	available memory, which	is the case when  mem-
       ory  is in general already full and tmpfs files have been moved to swap
       (i.e. you are approaching more trouble).

       The @xsizexysize	describes the size of the entire X framebuffer	("vir-
       tual  desktop"),	and will only be printed if $DISPLAY is	set and	valid.
       The size	is specific to the particular display server, and need not co-
       incide  with  the display attached to the shown graphics	car (for exam-
       ple, when DISPLAY is set	to point to an Xvnc instance or	a remote  DIS-

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hxtools				  2008-02-06			    sysinfo(1)

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