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SXPM(1)			    General Commands Manual		       SXPM(1)

       sxpm  -	Show an	XPM (X PixMap) file and/or convert XPM 1 or 2 files to
       XPM 3.

       sxpm [-d	displayname] [-g geometry] [-hints] [-icon filename] [-plaid |
       filename	 |  -]	[-o  filename  |  -o -]	[-pcmap] [-closecolors]	[-nod]
       [-nom] [-mono | -grey4 |	-grey |	-color]	[-sc symbol color] [-sp	symbol
       pixel] [-cp color pixel]	[-rgb filename]	[-v]

       The  sxpm program can be	used to	view any XPM (version 1, 2, or 3) file
       and/or to convert a file	from XPM1 or XPM2 to XPM version 3. If sxpm is
       run  with any dummy option specified, the usage is displayed. If	no ge-
       ometry is specified, the	show window will have the  size	 of  the  read
       pixmap. Pressing	the key	Q in the window	will quit the program.

       -d display
	       Specifies the display to	connect	to.

       -g geom Window geometry (default	is pixmap's size).

       -hints  Set ResizeInc for window.

       -icon filename
	       Set icon	to pixmap created from the file	filename.

       -plaid  Show the	plaid pixmap which is stored as	data.

	       Read from the file filename and from standard input if filename
	       is '-'.	If no input is specified sxpm reads from standard  in-

       -o filename
	       Write to	the file filename (overwrite if	it already exists) and
	       to standard output if filename is '-'.

       -mono   Use the colors specified	for a monochrome visual.

       -grey4  Use the colors specified	for a 4	color greyscale	visual.

       -grey   Use the colors specified	for a greyscale	visual.

       -color  Use the colors specified	for a color visual.

       -pcmap  Use a private colormap.

	       Try to use "close colors" before	reverting to other visuals.

       -nod    Do not display the pixmap in a window.  (Useful when  using  as

       -nom    Do not use the clipmask if there	is any.

       -sc symbol colorname
	       Override	default	color to symbol	to colorname.

       -sp symbol pixelvalue
	       Override	default	color to symbol	to pixelvalue.

       -cp colorname pixelvalue
	       Override	default	color to colorname to pixelvalue.

       -rgb filename
	       Search  color names in the file filename	and write them out in-
	       stead of	the rgb	values.

       -v      Verbose - to print out extensions (stderr).

       Some window managers may	not accept a pixmap which is not a  bitmap  as
       icon  because  this does	not respect ICCCM, many	of the well known ones
       will accept it though.

       Arnaud Le Hors	 (
       Bull Research France
       Copyright (C) 1989-95 by	Groupe Bull.

X Version 11			 libXpm	3.5.13			       SXPM(1)


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