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svnadmin(1)              Subversion Command Line Tool              svnadmin(1)

       svnadmin - Subversion repository administration tool

       svnadmin command repos-path [args]

       svnadmin is a tool to perform administrative operations on a Subversion
       repository.  A Subversion repository contains the revision history of a
       directory tree. The revision history includes file changes and log
       messages as well as move and copy operations that were applied at some
       time in the past to the tree.  svnadmin operations are typically
       carried out by an administrator. The svn(1) tool handles operations for
       normal users of the source controlled resource.

       create repos-path
              Create a new, empty repository at repos-path.  For example, a
              repository can be created with the command:

                        $ svnadmin create /var/svn

              Importing a source tree into the repository created above is
              possible with the svn(1) command :

                        $ svn import file:///var/svn . new_proj

       createtxn repos-path -rbase_rev
              Create a new transaction based on base_rev.

       dump repos-path [ -rlower-rev[:upper-rev] ] [--incremental]
              Dump the contents of filesystem to stdout in a 'dumpfile'
              portable format, sending feedback to stderr.  Dump revisions
              lower-rev through upper-rev.  If no revisions are given, all
              revision trees are dumped.  If just lower-rev is given, that one
              revision tree is dumped.  A 'dumpfile' is used to convert
              between incompatible repository formats. If --incremental is
              passed, then the first revision dumped will be a diff against
              the previous revision, instead of the usual fulltext.

       load repos-path
              Read a 'dumpfile'-formatted stream from stdin, committing new
              revisions into the repository's filesystem.  Send progress
              feedback to stdout.

       lscr repos-path path [ --copies ]
              Print, one-per-line and youngest-to-eldest, the revisions in
              which path was modified.  Use the --copies flag to allow this
              operation to cross copy history while searching for revisions.
              (For directories, this is, for now, almost guaranteed to be
              uninteresting.  Also, path must exist in the HEAD of the

       lstxns repos_path
              Print all txn names.

       recover repos_path
              Run the Berkeley DB recovery procedure on a repository.
              WARNING: only run this when you are SURE you're the only process
              accessing the repository.  Requires exclusive access.

       rmtxns repos-path txn-name [ ... ]
              Delete the transaction(s) named txn-name.

       setlog repos-path -rrev file
              Set the log-message on revision rev to the contents of file.  Be
              careful with this option.  Log messages are stored as revision
              properties.  The history of revision properties is not saved.
              This command will permanently overwrite the previous log


svn r3206                        22 Sept 2002                      svnadmin(1)


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