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svn2cl(1)			 User Commands			     svn2cl(1)

       svn2cl -	Create a ChangeLog from	a subversion log.

       svn2cl [OPTION]...  [PATH]...

       svn2cl generates	a classic GNU-style ChangeLog from the log messages in
       a subversion repository.	 It acts as a wrapper  around  the  'svn  log'
       command,	parsing	the XML	output with an XSLT stylesheet.	 Alternatively
       it can generate HTML output intended  for  use  with  the  svn2html.css
       style sheet that	comes with svn2cl.

       In  addition  to	 its own options, it accepts and passes	along most svn
       log options; see	 'svn  help  log'  for	a  list	 of  those  and	 their
       documentation.	If  PATH  is not given,	svn2cl will run	svn log	on the
       current directory, so it	should do the right thing when	run  from  the
       top of a	subversion checkout of the project.

	      Strip  NAME  from	 the  first  part  of  all  file  names	 (e.g.
	      project/trunk).	By  defaults  the  current  path  inside   the
	      repository is stripped.

	      Wrap  lines at NUM characters.  By default, lines	are wrapped at
	      75 characters.  This option is ignored when the --html option is

	      This  option causes all commit messages to be grouped by day, as
	      long as all the changes are by the same author.  By default each
	      message is listed	separately with	its own	timestamp.

	      Include  a  blank	line between log entries when they are grouped
	      by day.  Only  useful  with  the	--group-by-day	option.	  This
	      option  is  ignored  when	 the  --html option is specified, edit
	      svn2html.css to tune the layout.

       -i, --include-rev
	      Include the subversion revision number in	the ChangeLog.	If the
	      --html option is specified this is implied, edit svn2html.css to
	      turn it off.

       -a, --include-actions
	      Add action labels	[ADD], [DEL] and [CPY] tags to files  to  show
	      the operation that is performned on the files.

	      Add  a  line  break (or multiple line breadks) between the paths
	      and the log message.  If the --html  option  is  specified  this
	      option is	ignored, edit svn2html.css to set spacing.

	      Newlines	inside	paragraphs  are	ignored	and paragraphs are re-
	      wrapped.	Paragraphs are separated by empty lines.

	      If outputting an HTML file the NAME is used as the title.	  This
	      option is	ignored	for normal text	output.

	      This  option is used to generate links from the revision numbers
	      in the generated HTML file.  If NAME contains  two  hashes  '##'
	      that part	will be	replaced by the	revision number, otherwise the
	      revision number will  be	appended  to  NAME.   Only  the	 first
	      occurrence of '##' will be replaced.
	      This option is ignored for normal	text output.

	      This option is used to generate links from references to tickets
	      within the commit	message	in the generated HTML file.   Anything
	      that  looks  like	 a  ticket  reference  (e.g.  '#foo')  will be
	      replaced with a link to NAME with	the ticket part	('foo' in  the
	      example) appended.
	      This option is ignored for normal	text output.

	      This  option  is	used  for finding ticket markers in the	commit
	      message (when the	--ticket-link option is	 used).	  The  default
	      value is '#'.
	      This option is ignored for normal	text output.

	      Any  log	messages  that	start  with  the  specified STRING are
	      ignored and  will	 not  show  up	in  the	 output.   The	STRING
	      comparison is case sensitive.

       -o, -f, --output=FILE, --file=FILE
	      Output  ChangeLog	 to  FILE instead of the default ChangeLog (or
	      ChangeLog.html for HTML output).

	      Output ChangeLog to stdout instead of to a file.

	      The FILE is used to map author names as exported by svn to  full
	      names.   See  the	 section  on  AUTHORS  FILES  below  for  more
	      Note that	the --authors option can have poor performance in some

       --html Generate	an  HTML  file	containing  a ChangeLog	instead	of the
	      default  text   ChangeLog	  file.	   This	  feature   is	 still
	      experimental.   The  svn2html.css	 file  that is included	in the
	      distribution can be used to format the HTML.

       -h, --help
	      Show short summary of options.

       -V, --version
	      Show version of program.

       Optional	PATH arguments and the following options are  passed  directly
       to   the	  'svn	 --xml	 log'	command:  -r,  --revision,  --targets,
       --stop-on-copy,	    --username,	     --password,      --no-auth-cache,
       --non-interactive, --config-dir and --limit.
       See 'svn	help log' for more information on these	options.

       An  authors  file  is  basically	an XML file that should	look something
	   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	     <author uid="arthur">
	       Arthur de Jong &lt;;
       svn2cl searches for <author> tags with  the  specified  uid  attribute.
       The content from	the author tag is substituted for the author name.

       The  <author>  tag  may also contain XML	child tags which can be	useful
       for embedding HTML  into	 the  result.	For  this  to  work  namespace
       information should be included for HTML output:
	   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	   <authors xmlns:html="">
	     <author uid="arthur">
	       Arthur de Jong &lt;<html:b></html:b>&gt;
       The svn2cl distribution contains	a sample authors.xml file.

       As  a  bonus a plain text authors file that looks like the following is
       automatically converted to the XML representation:
	   arthur:Arthur de Jong <>

       Note that the default revison range for svn log is BASE:1.  This	 means
       that  svn2cl  will  not	always include the most	recent revisons	of the
       repository. Either run 'svn update' before running svn2cl or  pass  '-r

       Run  svn	 log  recursively on the current directory and generate	a text
       ChangeLog file in the current directory for the entire log history:

       Output the changes from the last	week, while including revision numbers
       in the ChangeLog:
	   svn2cl -i -r	"HEAD:{`date -d	'7 days	ago' '+%F %T'`}"
       (actually  subversion  will  include  the  first	 revision  before  the
       specified period)

       Generate	an  HTML  changelog  for  svn://,
       removing	 "project/trunk"  from the file	names in the changelog.	 Group
       all commits per day into	one ChangeLog entry and	only  include  changes
       from 2005:
	   svn2cl --html --strip-prefix=project/trunk --group-by-day \
		  -r '{2006-01-01}:{2005-01-01}' \

       'svn help log'

       Copyright  (C)  2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013	Arthur de Jong
       This is free software; see the license for copying  conditions.	 There
       is  NO  warranty;  not  even  for  MERCHANTABILITY  or  FITNESS	FOR  A

Version	0.14			   Oct 2010			     svn2cl(1)


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