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SUNPLUS(4)	       FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual		    SUNPLUS(4)

     sunplus --	sunplus	webcamd	driver for USB cameras


     The sunplus driver	supports USB cameras based on the Sunplus SPCA504,
     SPCA533, and SPCA536 chipsets. This is the	GSPCA version of the driver.

     Devices using the sunplus driver become available to other	applications
     once webcamd(8) is	loaded.

     The sunplus driver	should work with the following USB cameras. The
     usbconfig(8) command can be used to determine the VendorID:ProductID of a
     plugged in	USB device.

     VendorID:ProductID			 Device
     041e:400b				 Creative PC-CAM 600
     041e:4012				 PC-Cam350
     041e:4013				 Creative Pccam750
     0458:7006				 Genius	Dsc 1.3	Smart
     0461:0821				 Fujifilm MV-1
     046d:0905				 Logitech ClickSmart 820
     046d:0960				 Logitech ClickSmart 420
     0471:0322				 Philips DMVC1300K
     04a5:3003				 Benq DC 1300
     04a5:3008				 Benq DC 1500
     04a5:300a				 Benq DC 3410
     04f1:1001				 JVC GC	A50
     04fc:500c				 Sunplus CA500C
     04fc:504a				 Aiptek	Mini PenCam 1.3
     04fc:504b				 Maxell	MaxPocket LE 1.3
     04fc:5330				 Digitrex 2110
     04fc:5360				 Sunplus Generic
     04fc:ffff				 Pure DigitalDakota
     052b:1507				 Megapixel 5 Pretec DC-1007
     052b:1513				 Megapix V4
     052b:1803				 MegaImage VI
     0546:3155				 Polaroid PDC3070
     0546:3191				 Polaroid Ion 80
     0546:3273				 Polaroid PDC2030
     055f:c211				 Kowa Bs888e Microcamera
     055f:c230				 Mustek	Digicam	330K
     055f:c232				 Mustek	MDC3500
     055f:c360				 Mustek	DV4000 Mpeg4
     055f:c430				 Mustek	Gsmart LCD 2
     055f:c440				 Mustek	DV 3000
     055f:c520				 Mustek	gSmart Mini 3
     055f:c530				 Mustek	Gsmart LCD 3
     055f:c540				 Gsmart	D30
     055f:c630				 Mustek	MDC4000
     055f:c650				 Mustek	MDC5500Z
     05da:1018				 Digital Dream Enigma 1.3
     06d6:0031				 Trust 610 LCD PowerC@m	Zoom
     0733:1311				 Digital Dream Epsilon 1.3
     0733:1314				 Mercury 2.1MEG	Deluxe Classic Cam
     0733:2211				 Jenoptik jdc 21 LCD
     0733:2221				 Mercury Digital Pro 3.1p
     0733:3261				 Concord 3045
     0733:3281				 Cyberpix S550V
     08ca:0104				 Aiptek	PocketDVII 1.3
     08ca:0106				 Aiptek	Pocket DV3100+
     08ca:2008				 Aiptek	Mini PenCam 2 M
     08ca:2010				 Aiptek	PocketCam 3M
     08ca:2016				 Aiptek	PocketCam 2 Mega
     08ca:2018				 Aiptek	Pencam SD 2M
     08ca:2020				 Aiptek	Slim 3000F
     08ca:2022				 Aiptek	Slim 3200
     08ca:2024				 Aiptek	DV3500 Mpeg4
     08ca:2028				 Aiptek	PocketCam4M
     08ca:2040				 Aiptek	PocketDV 4100M
     08ca:2042				 Aiptek	PocketDV 5100
     08ca:2050				 Medion	MD 41437
     08ca:2060				 Aiptek	PocketDV 5300
     0d64:0303				 Sunplus FashionCam DXG

     a800(4), af9005(4), af9015(4), anysee(4), au0828(4), au6610(4), b2c2(4),
     benq(4), ce6230(4), cinergy(4), conex(4), cpiax(4), cxusb(4), dib0700(4),
     digitv(4),	dtt200u(4), dtv5100(4),	dw2102(4), ec168(4), em28xx(4),
     et61x251(4), finepix(4), friio(4),	gl860(4), gl861(4), gp8psk(4),
     hdpvr(4), ibmcam(4), jeilinj(4), m5602(4),	m920x(4), mars(4), mr800(4),
     mr97310a(4), nova-t(4), opera1(4),	ov519(4), ov534(4), pacxxx(4),
     pvrusb2(4), pwcusb(4), s2255(4), se401(4),	siano(4), sn9c102(4),
     sn9c20x(4), sonixj(4), spca5xx(4),	sq905c(4), stk014(4), stv06xx(4),
     t613(4), ttusb2(4), tv8532(4), umt(4), usbvision(4), uvc(4), vc032x(4),
     vp702x(4),	vp7045(4), zc3xx(4), zr364xx(4), webcamd(8)

     The original sunplus driver was written by	Michel Xhaard
     for the Video4Linux project. It was ported	to the FreeBSD webcamd port by
     Hans Petter Selasky	This man page was written by
     Dru Lavigne

FreeBSD				  Dec 3, 2010			       FreeBSD


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