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STRIP(1)                FreeBSD General Commands Manual               STRIP(1)

     strip - discard information from ELF objects

     strip [-d | -g | -S | --strip-debug] [-h | --help] [--only-keep-debug]
           [-o outputfile | --output-file=outputfile] [-p | --preserve-dates]
           [-s | --strip-all] [--strip-unneeded] [-w | --wildcard]
           [-x | --discard-all] [-I format | --input-target=format]
           [-K symbol | --keep-symbol=symbol]
           [-N symbol | --strip-symbol=symbol]
           [-O format | --output-target=format]
           [-R sectionname | --remove-section=sectionname] [-V | --version]
           [-X | --discard-locals] file ...

     The strip utility is used to discard information from ELF objects.

     The strip utility supports the following options:

     -d | -g | -S | --strip-debug
             Remove debugging symbols only.

     -h | --help
             Print a help message and exit.

             Remove all content except that which would be used for debugging.

     -o outputfile | --output-file=outputfile
             Write the stripped object to file outputfile.  The default
             behaviour is to modify objects in place.

     -p | --preserve-dates
             Preserve the object's access and modification times.

     -s | --strip-all
             Remove all symbols.

             Remove all symbols not needed for further relocation processing.

     -w | --wildcard
             Use shell-style patterns to name symbols.  The following meta-
             characters are recognized in patterns:
             !     If this is the first character of the pattern, invert the
                   sense of the pattern match.
             *     Matches any string of characters in a symbol name.
             ?     Matches zero or one character in a symbol name.
             [     Mark the start of a character class.
             \     Remove the special meaning of the next character in the
             ]     Mark the end of a character class.

     -x | --discard-all
             Discard all non-global symbols.

     -I format | --input-target=format
             These options are accepted, but are ignored.

     -K symbol | --keep-symbol=symbol
             Keep the symbol symbol even if it would otherwise be stripped.
             This option may be specified multiple times.

     -N symbol | --strip-symbol=symbol
             Remove the symbol symbol even if it would otherwise have been
             kept.  This option may be specified multiple times.

     -O format | --output-target=format
             Set the output file format to format.  For the full list of
             supported formats, please see the documentation for function

     -R sectionname | --remove-section=sectionname
             Remove the section named by the argument sectionname.  This
             option may be specified multiple times.

     -V | --version
             Print a version identifier and exit.

     -X | --discard-locals
             Remove compiler-generated local symbols.

     The strip utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

     ar(1), elfcopy(1), ld(1), mcs(1), elf(3), elftc_bfd_find_target(3),

FreeBSD 11.0-PRERELEASE       September 17, 2011       FreeBSD 11.0-PRERELEASE


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