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strerr(1M)		System Administration Commands		    strerr(1M)

       strerr -	STREAMS	error logger daemon


       strerr  receives	 error	log  messages from the STREAMS log driver (see
       log(7D))	and appends them to a log file.	The resultant error log	 files
       reside  in  the	directory /var/adm/streams, and	are named,
       where mm	is the month and dd is the day of the  messages	 contained  in
       each log	file.

       The format of an	error log message is:

       <seq> <time> <ticks> <flags> <mid> <sid>	<text>

       <seq> error sequence number

	     time of message in	hh:mm:ss

	     time of message in	machine	ticks since boot priority level

	     T	: the message was also sent to a tracing process F : indicates
	     a fatal error N : send mail to the	 system	 administrator	(hard-
	     coded as root)

       <mid> module  ID	number of source

       <sid> sub-ID number of source

	     formatted text of the error message

       Messages	 that  appear  in  the error log are intended to report	excep-
       tional conditions that require the attention of the system  administra-
       tor.    Those  messages	which  indicate	the total failure of a STREAMS
       driver or module	should have the	F flag set. Those  messages  requiring
       the  immediate attention	of the administrator will have the N flag set,
       which causes the	error logger to	send the message to the	system	admin-
       istrator	 using	mail. The priority level usually has no	meaning	in the
       error log but will have meaning if the message is also sent to a	tracer

       Once  initiated,	 strerr	 continues  to execute until terminated	by the
       user. It	is commonly executed asynchronously.

	     error log file.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |      ATTRIBUTE	TYPE	     |	    ATTRIBUTE VALUE	   |
       |Availability		     |SUNWcsu			   |

       attributes(5), log(7D)

       STREAMS Programming Guide

       There is	no restriction to the number of	strerr processes  opening  the
       STREAMS log driver at a time.

       If  a  module or	driver is generating a large number of error messages,
       running the error logger	will cause a degradation  in  STREAMS  perfor-
       mance.  If a large burst	of messages are	generated in a short time, the
       log driver may not be able to deliver some of the messages. This	situa-
       tion  is	indicated by gaps in the sequence numbering of the messages in
       the log files.

SunOS 5.9			  4 Oct	1994			    strerr(1M)


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