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STRAWBERRY(1)		    General Commands Manual		 STRAWBERRY(1)

       Strawberry - music player and music collection organizer

       strawberry [options] [URL(s)]

       Strawberry is a music player especially aimed at	audiophiles.

	      -	Play and organize music
	      -	 Supports  WAV,	FLAC, WavPack, Ogg FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Opus,
	      Ogg Speex, MPC, TrueAudio, AIFF, MP4, MP3, ASF and Monkey's  Au-
	      -	Audio CD playback
	      -	Native desktop notifications
	      -	Playlists in multiple formats
	      -	 Advanced  output and device options with support for bit per-
	      fect playback on Linux
	      -	Edit tags on music files
	      -	Fetch tags from	MusicBrainz
	      -	Album cover art	from,	Musicbrainz,  Discogs,	Musix-
	      match, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify
	      -	 Song  lyrics  from  AudD,  Genius,  Musixmatch,  ChartLyrics, and
	      -	Support	for multiple backends
	      -	Audio analyzer
	      -	Equalizer
	      -	Transfer music to iPod,	iPhone,	MTP or mass-storage USB	player
	      -	Streaming from Subsonic

	It is a	fork of	Clementine. The	name is	inspired by the	band Strawbs.

   Player options:
       -p, --play
	      Start the	playlist currently playing

       -t, --play-pause
	      Play if stopped, pause if	playing

       -u, --pause
	      Pause playback

       -s, --stop
	      Stop playback

       -q, --stop-after-current
	      Stop playback after current track

       -r, --previous
	      Skip backwards in	playlist

       -f, --next
	      Skip forwards in playlist

       -v, --volume <value>
	      Set the volume to	<value>	percent

	      Increase the volume by 4 percent

	      Decrease the volume by 4 percent

	      Increase the volume by <value> percent

	      Decrease the volume by <value> percent

       --seek-to <seconds>
	      Seek the currently playing track to an absolute position

       --seek-by <seconds>
	      Seek the currently playing track by a relative amount

	      Restart the track, or play the previous track if within  8  sec-
	      onds of start.

   Playlist options:
       -c, --create <name>
	      Create a new playlist with files

       -a, --append
	      Append files/URLs	to the playlist

       -l, --load
	      Loads files/URLs,	replacing current playlist

       -k, --play-track	<n>
	      Play the <n>th track in the playlist

   Other options:
       -o, --show-osd
	      Display the on-screen-display

       -y, --toggle-pretty-osd
	      Toggle visibility	for the	pretty on-screen-display

       -g, --language <lang>
	      Change the language

	      Equivalent to --log-levels *:1

	      Equivalent to --log-levels *:3

       --log-levels <levels> Comma separated list of class:level, level	is 0-3

	      Print out	version	information

       Strawberry main developer is Jonas Kvinge <>.

				 User Commands			 STRAWBERRY(1)


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