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STRATAGUS(6)			 Games Manual			  STRATAGUS(6)

       stratagus - Strategy Gaming Engine

       stratagus  [-a]	[-c  file.lua]	[-d  datapath]	[-D  depth]  [-e]  [-E
       file.lua] [-F|-W] [-G options] [-h] [-I addr] [-l]  [-N	name]  [-o|-O]
       [-p]  [-P  port]	 [-s  sleep] [-S speed]	[-v mode] [-x scaler-idx] [-Z]

       This manual page	documents briefly the  flags  that  you	 can  give  to
       stratagus , formerly known as FreeCraft,	formerly known as ALE Clone.

       stratagus  is  a	 powerful  game	 engine	for building realtime strategy
       games, a	la AoE or Warcraft.

       A summary of options is included	below.

       -a     Enables asserts check in engine code (for	debugging)

       -c file.lua
	      Choose a different stratagus start config	file.

       -d datapath
	      Choose a different directory to use for game data	files.

       -D depth
	      Set the video mode  depth,  often	 called	 'bpp'	or  'bits  per
	      pixel'. This option is only valid	for Win32/NT.

       -e     Start the	editor included	in Stratagus.

       -E     Choose a different editor	config file.

       -F     With  this  option  you can start	Stratagus in full screen video

       -G lua options
	      The argument is passed  as  argument  string  to	the  lua  game
	      script.  Take care to quote if spaces are	used. This can be used
	      in conjunction with -c to	have custom startup routines with  ar-

       -h     Show summary of all options.

       -i     Enables unit info	dumping	into log (for debugging).

       -I addr
	      With this	option you can specify the network address for network

       -l     Disable command log messages.

       -N name
	      The name of the player (will appear in network games).

       -o     Do not use OpenGL	or OpenGL ES 1.1.

       -O     Use OpenGL or OpenGL ES 1.1.

       -p     Enables debug messages.

       -P port
	      With this	option you can set the network port to use in  network
	      games.  The default value	is port	udp/6660.

       -s number
	      Number  of  frames before	AI awakes. This	is useful if the AI is
	      too strong and you want it to react slower. The higher, the eas-
	      ier  will	be the game against the	AI. Default is to sleep	0 time

       -S number
	      Sync speed (100 =	30 frames/s).

       -v mode
	      With this	option you can specify video mode resolution in	format

       -W     With this	option you can start Stratagus in windowed video mode.

       -x filter-idx
	      In  OpenGL  mode,	this controls the pixel	scaling	algorithm that
	      is run on	the entire display. This  runs	on  the	 GPU  Fragment
	      shader,  so your card and	driver need to support at least	OpenGL
		-1 - OpenGL native texture scaling (disables  scaling  in  the
		1  - nearest neighbour
		2  - EPX/AdvMame
		3  - HQx
		4  - SAL
		5  - SuperEagle

	      This  is	especially  useful  in combination with	-Z, since that
	      will keep	the original size of all elements on the screen	at the
	      ratio  they have at 640x480, but scales everything to the	chosen
	      video resolution using the  nice	pixel  scaler.	To  try	 which
	      scaler  looks  best at run-time, you can use Ctrl+Alt+/ to cycle
	      between scalers.

       -Z     Use OpenGL to scale the screen to	the viewport. This is nice for
	      games  with  assets  only	in one resolution, where higher	screen
	      resolutions shouldn't make everything smaller, but  instead  ev-
	      erything	should	be  scaled  up.	Implies	-O. Use	with -x	to get
	      nicer pixel scaling.

       ./     Default directory	for Stratagus data files

	      Default start config file.

	      Default editor file.

	      Default menu file.

	      User preferences configuration file for <data>

	      User directory with replays/logs for <data>

	      User directory with saved	games for <data>

       More complete documentation is available	in /usr/share/doc/stratagus.

       Stratagus needs a lot of	data (maps and artwork), that  can  come  from
       external	 datasets, like	Battle of Survival (BoS), or even from the me-
       dia in the Warcraft II CD, thanks to the	Wargus dataset.

       Warcraft	II is a	registered trademark of	Blizzard Entertainment.

       Stratagus is written and	developed by the Stratagus Team	and  Contribu-

       This  manual  page was written by Anthony Towns <>, David
       MartAnez	Moreno <>, Pali	RohA!r <>,
       and Tim Felgentreff <> for the Debian GNU/Linux
       system (but may be used by others).

Stratagus			   Oct 2011			  STRATAGUS(6)


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