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STJERM(8)							     STJERM(8)

       stjerm -	quake-style terminal emulator

       stjerm [-OPTION]	[-OPTION] ... [-OPTION]

       stjerm  is  a  quake-style  terminal. It	is minimalistic	and works well
       with compiz.  stjerm can	be configured via  commandline	or  the	 .Xde-
       faults file.

       The  following list of options displays the .Xdefaults option first and
       then the	commandline option.  The commandline  options  have  a	higher
       priority	and thus override the .Xdefaults options.

       If  you	run  stjerm with an action it will not parse other commandline
       options and will	exit.

       If you specify a	hex color on the commandline you have to ommit	the  #
       char.  Otherwise	the option will	not get	parsed.	 This restriction only
       affects the commandline options,	not the	.Xdefaults options.

       --help Displays menu with commandline options.

       --info Displays menu with .Xdefaults options.

	      Display the current application version.

	      Show/hide	the current stjerm instance.

       key, -k
	      Shortcut key which shows and hides  stjerm  (eg:	f12).  If  you
	      don't  specify  a	shortcut key, you can only show/hide stjerm if
	      you run stjerm with --toggle.

       mod, -m
	      Modifier key, which has to be pressed in	combination  with  the
	      shortcut key to show/hide	stjerm : shift,	control, alt, windows,
	      none. Default: none.

       keymod, -km
	      Modifier for keyboard shortcuts. Can be a	combination  (with  +)
	      of modifiers (eg:	control+alt). Default: control+shift.

       autohide, -ah
	      Whether  or  not	to  hide stjerm	when it	looses focus. Default:

       font, -fn
	      Terminal font and	size (eg: Sans 10).  Default:  Bitstream  Vera
	      Sans Mono	10.

       background, -bg
	      Background color of the terminal.	If the terminal	is transparent
	      this is the tint color. Default: Black.

       foreground, -fg
	      Foreground color of the terminal.	This is	the  font  color.  De-
	      fault: White.

       allowbold, -ab
	      Allow bold fonts or not. Default:	true

       border, -b
	      Border type: thin, thick,	none. Default: none.

       opacity,	-o
	      Opacity (range: 10 - 100). If compositing	is enabled stjerm will
	      use real transparency. Otherwise you get pseudo-transparency.

       bgimage,	-bgimg
	      Background image file. Specify the filename. Default: disabled.

       width, -w
	      Window width, either as an integer or a  percentage  (eg,	 50%).
	      Default: 800.

       height, -h
	      Window  height,  either as an integer or a percentage (eg, 50%).
	      Default: 400.

       position, -p
	      Window position: top, bottom, left, right. Default: top.

       scrollbar, -s
	      Scrollbar	position: left,	right, none. Default: none.

       shell, -sh
	      Terminal shell. Default: the user's default shell.

       lines, -l
	      Scrollback lines.	0 to disable scrollback. Default: 1000.

       showtab,	-st
	      Tabbar visibility: never,	one, always. One means the  tabbar  is
	      visible if more than one tab is opened. Default: one.

       tabpos, -tp
	      Tabbar position: top, bottom, left, right. Default: bottom.

       tablabel, -tl
	      Label  of	 the tabs. The terminal	number gets appended automati-
	      cally. Default: term.

       tabfill,	-tf
	      Whether tabs fill	whole tabbar space. Default: true.

       scroll, -sc
	      Whether to scroll	the terminal on	output.	Default: true.

       colorX, -cX
	      Specify color X of the terminals color palette. You may  specify
	      no  palette,  or	a complete one with 16 total colors.  For this
	      you have to use -c0, -c1,	..., -c15 or  the  equivalent  color0,
	      color1,... color15.

       fixedX, -fX
	      Overrides	 the  calculated  horizontal  position	of the window.
	      Specifies	the location of	the left of the	window.

       fixedY, -fY
	      Overrides	the calculated vertical	position of the	window.	Speci-
	      fies the location	of the top of the window.

       allowreorder, -ar
	      Allows the tabs of the tab bar to	be reordered.

       cursorBlink, -ub
	      Should the cursor	blink? Default:	true.

       cursorColor, -uc
	      The color	of the cursor. Default:	white

       cursorShape, -us
	      Cursor shape, one	of [block,ibeam,underline]. Default: block

       To  run	stjerm with F12	as shortcut key, the opacity of	60 and a green
       foreground color, use:

       stjerm -k f12 -o	60 -fg 66ff11

       To specify the same options in the .Xdefaults file, write this in  your
       .Xdefaults file:

       stjerm.key: f12

       stjerm.opacity: 60

       stjerm.foreground: #66ff11

       Report bugs to

       Copyright  (C)  2007-2014 Kristopher Wilson, Stjepan Glavina and	Markus

       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is
       NO  warranty;  not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR

stjerm 0.18		   Last	Change:	12 Jan 2014		     STJERM(8)


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