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stepframe_target(3)		 Arcan Lua API		   stepframe_target(3)

       stepframe_target	 -  Request that the target generate / consume a video

       stepframe_target( vid:target )
       stepframe_target( vid:target, int:n_frames )
       stepframe_target( vid:target, int:n_frames, int:clock_id	)
       stepframe_target( vid:target, int:n_frames, bool:synch )
       stepframe_target( vid:target, int:n_frames, bool:synch,	int:x,	int:y,
       int:w, int:h )

       The main	purpose	of this	function is to have whatever target  points to
       consume or generate a frame. The	specifics of this varies  a  bit  with
       what  type the target has. There	are two	important distinctions,	normal
       frameservers/clients and	ones that are tied to  offscreen  render  pro-
       cesses.	If  it is a normal client, only	the first three	forms are use-
       ful. The	short version only sends an event  to  the  client  requesting
       that  it	 produce  a frame ( STEPFRAME ). The second form allows	you to
       further quantify	(default is 1) the amount of frames it should advance,
       which  is  mostly  useful  for control over streaming video sources and
       similar clients where there is a	continous seekable stream  of  logical
       time  slices  (frames).	If the client has been forced into having syn-
       chronous	size management	through	target_flags  ,	 'framestepping'  also
       means  acknowledging a pending resize lock. If a	'clock_id' is provided
       (default	0), it can also	reference a custom client  requested  clock  (
       CLOCKREQ	  event) for custom fireable timers. Normally the engine takes
       care of these automatically, and	the feature is mainly for  specialised
       clients.	 If  the client	is tied	to another processing step through de-
       fine_rendertarget  or define_calctarget , this will  issue  a  readback
       that  is	 either	synchronous if synch  is set to	true, or asynchronous,
       if synch	 is set	to  false.  If	possible  storage-  coordinate	region
       (x+w,y+h)  is  defined, the processing stage is hinted that only	a cer-
       tain region of the target should	actually be considered.	 The  function
       will  return  false  if a step is requested while a readback is already
       pending.	This can happen	if the receiving step, which in	the case of  a
       recordtarget is an external process, is slow to process.

       define_calctarget(3) define_recordtarget(3)

targetcontrol			September 2021		   stepframe_target(3)


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