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startcpu(2)							   startcpu(2)

       startcpu	- start	a CPU

       int cpunumber;

       The  system  call  starts the CPU specified by cpunumber.  Any non-boot
       CPU can be started using	this system call. Only a superuser can execute
       this system call.

Return Values
       The  call  returns  0  if  the CPU was started successfully, or else it
       returns -1 and sets errno appropriately.

       [EPERM]	      The caller is not	a superuser

       [EBUSY]	      The CPU is already running

       [ENODEV]	      No CPU present by	the given cpunumber

       [EINVAL]	      Invalid value  for  cpunumber.   A  valid	 cpunumber  is
		      between 0	and 31.

See Also
       stopcpu(2), startcpu(8),	stopcpu(8)


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