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srec_trs80(5)		      File Formats Manual		 srec_trs80(5)

       srec_trs80 - Radio Shack	TRS-80 object file format specification

       This document describes the binary object file format for the Z80-based
       Radio Shack TRS-80 microcomputers, such as the Model I, II, III,	4, 4D,
       and 4P.	The binary format is generated by the disk-based Assembler/Ed-
       itor, and used for TRS-DOS program files.

       The object file is blocked into records,	each  of  which	 contains  the
       record  type,  length,  and  payload  data.   For  Data and End of File
       records,	the payload starts with	two bytes of address in	 little-endian
       format.	 There	are  four main types of	records	that are defined.  The
       record types are:

       o Data Record

       o End of	File Record with Execution Transfer

       o End of	File Record without Execution Transfer

       o Comment

       o Start Linear Address Record (32-bit format only)

   General Record Format
       |Record	| Record  | Load    | Data    |
       |Type	| Length  | Address |	      |
       Record Type.
	       Each record begins with a single	byte Record Type  field	 which
	       specifies  the  record  type  of	 this record.  The Record Type
	       field is	used to	interpret the remaining	information within the
	       record.	This field is one byte,	represented as two hexadecimal
	       characters.  The	encoding for all the current record types are:

	       1  Data Record

	       2  End of File Record with Execution Transfer

	       3  End of File Record without Execution Transfer

	       5  Comment Record

       Record Length
	       Each record has a single	byte Record Length field which	speci-
	       fies  the  number of bytes of information or data which follows
	       the Record Length field of the record.  The  maximum  value  of
	       the  Record  Length  field  is hexadecimal "FF" or 255.	In the
	       case of Data Records only, Record Length	byte values of zero to
	       two are considered to be	lengths	of 256 to 258, respectively.

       Address Data  and  End records have a two-byte Address field in little-
	       endian byte order.  For Data records, this is the starting  ad-
	       dress at	which to load the remaining payload of the record.  In
	       End records, this is the	address	for the	start of execution  of
	       the file, or zero if not	applicable.

       Data    Each  record  has  a variable length Data field,	it consists of
	       zero or more bytes.  The	interpretation of this	field  depends
	       on the Record Type field.

       This  information  comes	 from the "Program Files" section of TRSDOS-II
       Reference Manual, Tandy Corporation, 1982.

       srec_cat	version	1.64
       Copyright (C) 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002,  2003,  2004,  2005,	 2006,
       2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Peter Miller

       The srec_cat program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details use
       the 'srec_cat -VERSion License' command.	 This is free software and you
       are  welcome  to	 redistribute it under certain conditions; for details
       use the 'srec_cat -VERSion License' command.

       Scott Finneran	E-Mail:
       Peter Miller	E-Mail:

Reference Manual		    SRecord			 srec_trs80(5)


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