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SQUATTING(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	  SQUATTING(1)

       squatting -- Squatting server start-up script


	 squatting [OPTION]... APPLICATION

       Starting	an App in web server mode on port 4234:

	 squatting -p 4234 App

       Start an	App in interactive console mode:

	 squatting -C App
	 Welcome to the	Perl shell. Type ':help' for more information

	 App @>	\@App::Controllers::C
	 App @>	\%App::Controllers::C
	 App @>	\@App::Views::V
	 App @>	\%App::Views::V
	 App @>	App->get('Home')
	 App @>	App->post('Comment', { name => 'beppu',	body =>	'Why?' })

       Start a Squatting application.

       -p, --port NUM
	 Port for web server (defaults to 4234)

       -c, --config ATTR=VALUE
	 The standard way to configure a Squatting application is to
	 manipulate its	%CONFIG	hash.  The --config option lets	you set	values
	 in this hash, and you may use --config	multiple times in a single
	 command line.


	   squatting App --config doc_root=/www/	--config

       -s, --show-config
	 Display an App's %CONFIG hash and exit.

       -m, --module MODULE
	 This option can be used to load additional Squatting plugins into the
	 app, and you may use this option multiple times in a single command
	 line.	Note that Squatting::With::AccessTrace and
	 Squatting::With::Log are loaded by default.

	 Example:  Loading Squatting::With::UTF8 and

	   squatting App -m With::UTF8 -m With::Coro::Debug

       -l, --log FILE
	 Send log output to a log file.

       -C, --console
	 Run in	console	mode with Shell::Perl.

       --debug NUM
	 Set Continuity's debug	level.	0 is the least verbose setting,	and
	 higher	numbers	get progressively more verbose.

       -v, --version
	 Show version

	 Display the International Squatting Symbol.

       -h, --help
	 Show the help message

perl v5.32.0			  2014-02-20			  SQUATTING(1)


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