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sqitch-verify(3)      User Contributed Perl Documentation     sqitch-verify(3)

       sqitch-verify - Verify deployed database	changes

	 sqitch	[options] verify [<database>]
	 sqitch	[options] verify --from-change <change>
	 sqitch	[options] verify --to-change <change>
	 sqitch	[options] verify --from-change <change>	--to-change <change>

       Verify that a database is valid relative	to the plan and	the
       verification scripts for	each deployed change.

       More specifically, "verify" iterates over all deployed and planned
       changes (or the subset identified by "--from-change" and/or
       "--to-change") and checks that each:

       o   Is deployed.

       o   Is present in the plan.

       o   Was deployed	in the proper order.

       o   Passes its verify test, if one exists and the change	has not	been

       The "<database>"	parameter specifies the	database to which to connect,
       and may also be specified as the	"--target" option. It can be target
       name, a URI, an engine name, or plan file path.

       Verify tests are	scripts	that may be associated with each change. If a
       change has no verify script, a warning is emitted, but it is not
       considered a failure. If	a change has been reworked, only the most
       recent reworking	will have its verify script executed.

       Verify scripts should make no assumptions about the contents of the
       database, as unit tests might. Rather, their job	is to ensure that the
       state of	a database is correct after a deploy script has	completed.
       Verify scripts are run through the database engine command-line client,
       just like deploy	and revert scripts. They should	cause the client to
       exit with a non-zero exit code if they fail.

	   The target database to which	to connect. This option	can be either
	   a URI or the	name of	a target in the	configuration.

	   Specify the change with which to start the verification. Defaults
	   to the earliest deployed change. See	sqitchchanges for the various
	   ways	in which changes can be	specified.

	   Specify the change with which to complete the verification.
	   Defaults to the last	deployed change. See sqitchchanges for the
	   various ways	in which changes can be	specified.

	   Set a variable name and value for use by the	database engine
	   client, if it supports variables. The format	must be	"name=value",
	   e.g., "--set	defuser='Homer Simpson'". Overrides any	values loaded
	   from	the "verify.variables" configuration.

Configuration Variables
	   A section defining database client variables. Useful	if your
	   database engine supports variables in scripts, such as PostgreSQL's
	   "psql" variables
	   PSQL-INTERPOLATION>,	Vertica's "vsql" variables
	   MySQL's user	variables
	   <>, and
	   SQL*Plus's "DEFINE" variables

       Part of the sqitch suite.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-29		      sqitch-verify(3)

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