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sqitch-upgrade(3)     User Contributed Perl Documentation    sqitch-upgrade(3)

       sqitch-upgrade -	Upgrade	the registry to	the current version

	 sqitch	[options] upgrade [<options>] [<database>]

       Upgrades	the Sqitch registry for	a database. That is, it	makes sure
       that the	schema the Sqitch uses for its registry	is up-to-date. This
       will occasionally be necessary when new features	are added to Sqitch
       that require registry schema changes.

       The "<database>"	parameter specifies the	database to which to connect,
       and may also be specified as the	"--target" option. It can be target
       name, a URI, an engine name, or plan file path.

	   The target database to which	to connect. This option	can be either
	   a URI or the	name of	a target in the	configuration.

       Part of the sqitch suite.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-29		     sqitch-upgrade(3)

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