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sqitch-show(3)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	sqitch-show(3)

       sqitch-show - Show object information or	change file contents

	 sqitch	show <type> <object>

       Shows information about Sqitch objects. The first argument must be the
       type of object to show, and the second must be a	key identifier for the
       object in the plan. The second argument must be a a change name or tag
       as specified in sqitchchanges. The supported types include:

	   A change object. Outputs the	text used to generate the change SHA1

	   A tag. Outputs the text used	to generate the	tag SHA1 ID.

	   A change deploy script.

	   A change revert script.

	   A change verify script.

	   Suppress all	output;	instead	exit with zero status if "<object>"
	   exists and is a valid object.

       o   Show	information about a specific change:

	     sqitch show change	add_users_table

       o   Show	information about a change by ID:

	     sqitch show change	be7cd00571d7151eacb0691e825dfc8980cc14ff

       o   Show	the most recent	change info:

	     sqitch show change	@HEAD

       o   Show	information about a tag:

	     sqitch show tag @beta1

       o   Show	the contents of	a deploy file:

	     sqitch show deploy	add_users_table@HEAD

       Part of the sqitch suite.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-29			sqitch-show(3)

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