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sqitch-log-usage(3)   User Contributed Perl Documentation  sqitch-log-usage(3)

       sqitch-log-usage	- Sqitch log usage statement

	 sqitch	[options] log [log options] [<database>]

       Search options:

	-t --target <target>			   database to which to	connect
	   --event <type>			   type	of event
	   --change-pattern	--change <name>	   match regex against change names
	   --committer-pattern --committer <name>  match regex against committer names
	-n --max-count <count>			   show	only specified number of events
	   --skip <number>			   skip	the specified number of	events
	   --reverse				   show	events in reverse order
	   --no-reverse				   don't show events in	reverse	order


	-f --format <format>		    show events	in the specified format
	   --date-format --date	<format>    show dates in the specified	format
	   --color			    use	ANSI colors
	   --no-color			    never use ANSI colors
	   --abbrev			    abbreviate change IDs
	   --oneline			    shorthand for --format oneline --abbrev 6

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-29		   sqitch-log-usage(3)

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