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SPEGLA(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		     SPEGLA(1)

     spegla -- mirror ftp sites

     spegla [lots of options]

     spegla is a mirror	program	for FTP	sites.

     Options on	the command line is read from left to right the	last option of
     a certain type overrides a	previous of the	same type. If the -f option
     together with a file name as argument is found, parameters	will be	read
     from that file before continuing with the command line again. Options
     specified on the command line either begins with `--' a la	getopt_long or
     a single dash like	getopt.	The options in the config file are as follows:

     configfile	or -f <config file>
	    Read parameters from file

     section or	-s <section>
	    Specifies which section to read parameter from. If not specified
	    the	`[]' section will be read or in	a file where no	`[]' is	found,
	    the	whole file.

     url <ftp URL>
	    The	ftp URL	is on the form
	    `<type>://[<user>[:<password>]@]<host>[:<port>][/<path>]'.	If
	    this option	is found no other options are required.	Localdir will
	    be set by default to current directory.  If	`user' or `password'
	    is not specified they will be set by default to `anonymous'	re-
	    spective `${USER}@'.

     localdir or -l <local directory>
	    Where in the file system is	the mirror located.
	    This option	is required.

     remotedir or -r <remote directory>
	    What remote	directory to mirror.
	    This option	is required.

     username or -u <user name>
	    User to log	in as i.e. anonymous.
	    This option	is required.

     password or -p <password>
	    Password to	use i.e. you email address.
	    This option	is required.

     host or -h	<hostname>
	    Ftp	server to use.
	    This option	is required.

     version or	-v <version>
	    Need to be defined to 1.1 if config	is being read from a file.
	    This option	is required.

     warnoverrides or -w <yes |	no>
	    Spegla warns if an option is overridden this option	can turn that
	    Defaults to	yes.

     skip <reg exp>
	    Files or directories remote	or local matching this regular expres-
	    sion will not be touched. Symlinks pointing	to a file that would
	    match this expression are skipped too. Filenames are absolute with
	    root at remotedir or localdir.  This means that all	filenames be-
	    gins with a	`/'.

     showconf <yes | no>
	    Spegla show	the configuration before starting the mirroring	if
	    this option	is set to yes.
	    Defaults to	yes

     logfile <log file>
	    File to log	to, can	be either of stdout, stderr or a file.
	    If `%s' is part of the name	it will	be replaced by the name	of the
	    last section defined as source for config.
	    Defaults to	stdout.

     lockfile <lock file>
	    To make sure that not two instances	of the same mirror is running
	    at the same	time.
	    If `%s' is part of the name	it will	be replaced by the name	of the
	    last section defined as source for config.

     retries <retries>
	    How	many retries before quit.
	    Defaults to	20.

     retrytime <seconds>
	    How	many seconds to	wait before log	in again after a timeout.
	    Defaults to	150.

     timeout <seconds>
	    How	many seconds to	wait to	timeout.
	    Defaults to	150.

     port <port	number>
	    Port to connect to.
	    Defaults to	21.

     family or -a <unspec | inet | inet6>
	    Address family to be used to connect.
	    Defaults to	unspec.

     passive <yes | no>
	    Whether to use passive mode	or not.
	    Defaults to	yes.

     maxdelete <number of deletes>
	    Maximum number of files to delete. If it exceeds that spegla
	    Defaults to	150.

     loglevel <number>
	    How	detailed the logging should be.
	    Defaults to	0.

     tempdir <directory>
	    Where to store temporary files.
	    Defaults to	/tmp.

     treatasdir	<reg exp>
	    Symlinks to	be treated like	if they	where directories.

     treatasdirdest <reg exp>
	    Symlinks that when being derefered matches this reg	exp will be
	    treated as if they was the directory they points at. This option
	    is useful when you have links of the type `hej -> .1'.  Observe
	    that what the link points to will be expanded with the fully qual-
	    ified filename with	root at	the root of the	mirror.

     minfree <bytes>
	    The	minimum	amount of required free	space in destdir before	spegla
	    is started.	If it's	0 no check is performed.
	    Defaults to	0.

     dodelete <yes | no>
	    Spegla will	not delete any local files unless this parameter is
	    set	to yes.	 Local files will still	be updated even	if dodelete is
	    set	to no.
	    Defaults to	no

     mirroruser	<user>
	    Which effective user to run	the mirroring as.
	    Defaults to	current	user.

     Blank lines and text after	`#' are	ignored.

     Consult the files spegla.conf and that are distributed together
     with spegla for an	example	of advanced use	of spegla.


     Jens A Nilsson <>

     This man page could describe some options a bit more in detail.

     Report bugs to

FreeBSD	13.0			 May 30, 1999			  FreeBSD 13.0


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