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spec-beautifier(1)		    hxtools		    spec-beautifier(1)

       spec-beautifier -- program to clean up RPM .spec	files

       spec-beautifier [-d|-r] [file...]

       spec-beautifier checks .spec files, as used for rpmbuild(1), for	incon-
       sistencies and corrects them where possible, or emits a warnings	to no-
       tify the	user of	required manual	intervention.

       Without	any options, the files are processed and the result is written
       to stdout (sort of a dry	run).

       -d     Instead of printing the substituted text,	print a	diff-like out-
	      put with "-" and "+" lines, showing the differences applied.

       -r     Not so dry run: Modify files in place.

See also

hxtools				  2010-12-01		    spec-beautifier(1)

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