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SPD-CONF(1)			 User Commands			   SPD-CONF(1)

       spd-conf	- configure Speech Dispatcher and diagnose problems

       usage: spd-conf [-h] [-u] [-c] [-C] [-d]	[-s] [--test-festival]

	      [--test-espeak]  [--test-alsa]  [--test-pulse]  [-e]  [-n]  [-D]

       A simple	tool for basic configuration of	Speech Dispatcher and  problem

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
	      show this	help message and exit

       -u, --create-user-conf
	      Create Speech Dispatcher configuration for the given user

       -c, --config-basic-settings-user
	      Configure	basic settings in user configuration

       -C, --config-basic-settings-system
	      Configure	basic settings in system-wide configuration

       -d, --diagnostics
	      Diagnose problems	with the current setup

       -s, --test-spd-say
	      Test connection to Speech	Dispatcher using spd-say

	      Test whether Festival works as a server

	      Test whether Espeak works	as a standalone	binary

	      Test ALSA	audio output

	      Test Pulse Audio output

       -e, --espeak
	      Use espeak to synthesize messages

       -n, --dont-ask
	      Do not ask any questions,	always use default values

       -D, --debug
	      Debug a problem and generate a report

	      Print version and	copyright info

       Copyright (C) 2002-2012 Brailcom, o.p.s.
       This  is	 free software;	you can	redistribute it	and/or modify it under
       the terms of the	GNU General Public License as published	 by  the  Free
       Software	 Foundation;  either  version 2, or (at	your option) any later
       version.	Please see COPYING for more details.

spd-conf 0.10.2			  April	2022			   SPD-CONF(1)


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