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SPCA5xx(4)	       FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual		    SPCA5xx(4)

     spca5xx --	webcamd	driver for USB cameras


     The spca5xx driver	supports USB cameras based on the SPCA500, SPCA501,
     SPCA505, SPCA506, SPCA508,	and Sunplus SPCA561 chipsets. This is the
     GSPCA version of the driver.

     Devices using the spca5xx driver become available to other	applications
     once webcamd(8) is	loaded.

     The spca5xx driver	should work with the following USB cameras. The
     usbconfig(8) command can be used to determine the VendorID:ProductID of a
     plugged in	USB device.

     VendorID:ProductID			 Device
     0000:0000				 MystFromOri Unknown Camera
     0130:0130				 Clone Digital Webcam 11043
     040a:0002				 Kodak DVC-325
     040a:0300				 Kodak EZ200
     041e:400a				 Creative PC-CAM 300
     041e:4018				 Creative Webcam Vista (PD1100)
     041e:401a				 Creative Webcam Vista (PD1100)
     041e:401d				 Creative Webcam NX ULTRA
     041e:403b				 Creative Webcam Vista (VF0010)
     0458:7004				 Genius	VideoCAM Express V2
     0461:0815				 Micro Innovation IC200
     046d:0890				 Logitech QuickCam traveler
     046d:0900				 Logitech Inc. ClickSmart 310
     046d:0901				 Logitech Inc. ClickSmart 510
     046d:0928				 Logitech QC Express Etch2
     046d:0929				 Labtec	Webcam Elch2
     046d:092a				 Logitech QC for Notebook
     046d:092b				 Labtec	Webcam Plus
     046d:092c				 Logitech QC chat Elch2
     046d:092d				 Logitech QC Elch2
     046d:092e				 Logitech QC Elch2
     046d:092f				 Logitech QuickCam Express Plus
     0497:c001				 Smile International
     04a5:300c				 Benq DC 1016
     04fc:0561				 Flexcam 100
     04fc:7333				 PalmPixDC85
     0506:00df				 3Com HomeConnect Lite
     055f:c200				 Mustek	Gsmart 300
     055f:c220				 Mustek	gSmart Mini
     060b:a001				 Maxell	Compact	Pc PM3
     06bd:0404				 Agfa CL20
     06be:0800				 Optimedia
     06e1:a190				 ADS Instant VCD
     0733:0110				 ViewQuest VQ110
     0733:0401				 Intel Create and Share
     0733:0402				 ViewQuest M318B
     0733:0430				 Intel PC Camera Pro
     0734:043b				 3DeMon	USB Capture
     084d:0003				 D-Link	DSC-350
     08ca:0103				 Aiptek	PocketDV
     0af9:0010				 Hama USB Sightcam 100
     0af9:0011				 Hama USB Sightcam 100
     10fd:7e50				 FlyCam	Usb 100
     1776:501c				 Arowana 300K CMOS Camera
     2899:012c				 Toptro	Industrial
     8086:0110				 Intel Easy PC Camera
     8086:0630				 Intel Pocket PC Camera
     99fa:8988				 Grandtec V.cap
     abcd:cdee				 Petcam
					 Aiptek	MegaCam

     a800(4), af9005(4), af9015(4), anysee(4), au0828(4), au6610(4), b2c2(4),
     benq(4), ce6230(4), cinergy(4), conex(4), cpiax(4), cxusb(4), dib0700(4),
     digitv(4),	dtt200u(4), dtv5100(4),	dw2102(4), ec168(4), em28xx(4),
     et61x251(4), finepix(4), friio(4),	gl860(4), gl861(4), gp8psk(4),
     hdpvr(4), ibmcam(4), jeilinj(4), m5602(4),	m920x(4), mars(4), mr800(4),
     mr97310a(4), nova-t(4), opera1(4),	ov519(4), ov534(4), pacxxx(4),
     pvrusb2(4), pwcusb(4), s2255(4), se401(4),	siano(4), sn9c102(4),
     sn9c20x(4), sonixj(4), sq905c(4), stk014(4), stv06xx(4), sunplus(4),
     t613(4), ttusb2(4), tv8532(4), umt(4), usbvision(4), uvc(4), vc032x(4),
     vp702x(4),	vp7045(4), zc3xx(4), zr364xx(4), webcamd(8)

     The original spca5xx driver was written by	Michel Xhaard
     for the Video4Linux project. It was ported	to the FreeBSD webcamd port by
     Hans Petter Selasky	This man page was written by
     Dru Lavigne

FreeBSD				  Dec 3, 2010			       FreeBSD


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