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SOL(6)				 Games Manual				SOL(6)

       sol, solscores -	Solitaire card game.

       sol [-hHV] [-M file] [--help] [--highscores] [--version]	[--merge-high-


       sol is a	card game for lonely persons, highly inspired by the game bun-
       deled with a well known non-Unix	"operating system".

       I  assume  the motive of	the game is well known,	so I won't go into any
       details here, but rather	explain	the controls of	this particular	imple-

       To  select new cards from the upper left	pile, click on the back	of the
       pile. When the pile is empty, click on the outline to turn it. The num-
       ber  of	cards  to draw may be either one or three, selectable from the
       Options menu. You may turn the pile as many times you like.

       Cards may be moved in a drag--drop fashion. Click on a card with	button
       1  (normally  the  left button),	drag the card to the destination pile,
       and release the button. You may drag several cards at once: Pointing at
       a  card	not  at	 the top of a pile, will move the chosen card, and all
       cards above it.

       You may double-click on a card to move it to  one  of  the  four	 upper
       right  target  piles. The program will locate the correct pile, if any.
       You may also use	button 2 or 3 for the same purpose.

       The game	features a site-wide highscore file, containing	 the  top  200
       players.	 Each  user  may  appear once only in the highscore table. The
       highscore list is sorted	on the time taken to bring the game to a solu-
       tion.  Chose  the  Highscores  menu to bring up a window	containing the
       list. The window	is updated every now and then. If you don't want to be
       part  of	 the  race, you	may avoid being	included in the	highscore list
       from the	Options	menu.

       All options are stored in .solrc	in your	home directory,	along  with  a
       count  of  games	 played, and the time used for playing.	The latter two
       may be viewed from the About menu.

       For technical reasons, sol connects to the X11  server  before  parsing
       options.	This makes it impossible to eg.	browse the highscore table us-
       ing -H if no server is available.  To be	able to	see the	scores in such
       a  case,	 solscores produces the	same output as sol with	option -H, but
       does no attempt on connecting to	the X11	server.

       -h, --help
	      Print a usage message on standard	output,	and exit successfully.

       -H, --highscores
	      Dump the highscore list to standard output,  and	exit  success-
	      fully.  Starting sol with	the name solscore does the same	thing,
	      without first connecting to the X11 server.

       -V, --version
	      Print version information	on standard output, then exit success-

       -M, --merge-highscores=file
	      Merge  separate  highscore  file file into the default highscore
	      file, and	exit successfully. Displays the	new  highscore	table.
	      This option is for the game owner	or root	only.

       In  addition  to	 the above mentioned options, sol accepts the standard
       X11 toolkit options.

       Sverre H. Huseby	<>.

			       22 February 1997				SOL(6)


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