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snsplit,v0.3.8(8)	    System Manager's Manual	     snsplit,v0.3.8(8)

       snsplit - split an article stream into individual articles

       snsplit [-r] [field... -] prog...

       snsplit	reads  an  article stream from descriptor 0 and	splits it into
       separate	articles, invoking prog...  on each, with the article avaiable
       on  descriptor 0.  This is useful as a quick-and-dirty way of filtering
       an article stream.

       The incoming article stream is expected to  be  in  wire	 format,  with
       lines ending in CRLF, leading dots doubled, and delimited by a dot on a
       line by itself.

       The article presented to	prog...	 will have lines that end  in  a  bare
       newline,	 will have all header lines unfolded, leading dots will	be un-
       stuffed,	and the	article	will be	terminated by end-of-file.

	      is the program (with arguments) to  run  on  each	 article.   If
	      prog...  exits with any kind of failure, snsplit aborts.

	      are  optional  header  field names.  If these are	specified, the
	      value of the first header	field of that name  will  be  exported
	      into the environment.  This field...  list must be terminated by
	      the hyphen.  See also ENVIRONMENT	below.

       -r     Expect input articles in rnews batch format instead.

       snsplit sets some environment variables.	 If  the  environment  already
       contains	these variables, they will be overwritten.

	      If  already  set	to a positive value, it	is incremented for the
	      first article.  If it isn't set, is set to one for the first ar-
	      ticle.   Thereafter  it is incremented for each subsequent arti-
	      cle.  The	value is always	a 6-digit number with leading  zeroes,
	      and it can roll over.

       BYTES  contains the size	of the current article.

	      The  number  of  lines in	the head of the	article, excluding the
	      blank separator line.

	      The number of lines in the body of the  article,	excluding  the
	      blank separator line.

	      If  any fields are specified on the command line,	where field is
	      the name of an article header field, then	FLD_FIELD will be  set
	      to the value of field, where FIELD is the	same as	field but with
	      lower case characters changed to upper  case,  and  all  hyphens
	      changed  to  underscores.	  Confusing?   If field	is message-id,
	      then FLD_MESSAGE_ID will be set to the value of the  first  Mes-
	      sage-ID field in the current article, if there is	one.

       snsplit	exits 0	on success, 1 on usage error, 2	on system error, and 3
       on article format error.	 If prog...  exits with	other than 0,  snsplit
       will also exit that value.

N.B.				  Harold Tay		     snsplit,v0.3.8(8)


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