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SLSTAT(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		     SLSTAT(8)

     slstat -- report serial line IP statistics

     slstat [-i	interval] [-vr]	[unit]

     The slstat	utility	reports	certain	kernel statistics kept about serial
     line internet protocol traffic.

     The options are as	follows:

     -i	     Repeat the	display	indefinitely every interval seconds.  If no
	     interval is specified, the	default	is 5 seconds.

     -v	     Verbose display of	extra fields of	information.

     -r	     Display all values	in rate	per second rather than amount per in-

     unit    Is	number specifying the SLIP interface, or a SLIP	interface
	     name.  The	default	unit is	0 for interface	sl0.

     By	default, slstat	displays the following information:

     in	     bytes received

     out     bytes sent

     pack    packets received or sent

     comp    compressed	packets	received or sent

     uncomp  uncompressed packets received or sent

     unknwn  inbound packets of	unknown	type

     toss    inbound packets tossed because of error

     other   all other inbound or outbound ip packets

     err     input or output errors

     search  searches for connection state

     miss    times we could not	find a connection state

     coll    collisions	with end of clists.  If	you get	many collisions	(more
	     than one or two a day) you	probably do not	have enough clists and
	     you should	increase nclist	in param.c.

     The command:
	   slstat -i 5
     will print	what the system	is doing every five seconds.

     fstat(1), netstat(1), nfsstat(1), ps(1), ststat(1), iostat(8),
     pppstats(8), pstat(8)

     The sections starting with	``Interpreting system activity'' in Installing
     and Operating 4.3BSD.

BSD			       October 11, 1996				   BSD


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