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SLIDERULE(1)		    General Commands Manual		  SLIDERULE(1)

       sliderule - calculator featuring	a historic slide rule

       sliderule [-display display]  [-bw pixels] [-stip] [-rv]	[-geometry ge-

       Sliderule features a historic slide rule	calculator.  You can multiply,
       divide,	calculate reciprocals, squares,	square roots, and even trigno-
       metrical	functions.  Anyway, you	need to	know  how  to  do  this.   You
       can't  add or subtract -	but if you know	a sliderule, you knew this al-
       ready.  If you don't know, don't	worry: this man	page  won't  make  you
       learning	it either.

       -display	displayname
	       This option specifies the X server to contact.

       -geometry geometry
	       This  option  specifies the size	and placement of the top level
	       window.	By default, the	minimum	size will  be  used.   Doesn't
	       work very well at all.

       -fg color
	       This option specifies the foreground color to use.

       -bg color
	       This option specifies the background color to use.

       -bw pixels
	       This option specifies the border	width in pixels.

       -stip   This  option  indicates	that  the background of	the calculator
	       should be drawn using a stipple of  the	foreground  and	 back-
	       ground  colors.	 On monochrome displays	this makes for a nicer

       -rv     This option indicates that reverse video	should be used.

       The slide rule is operated with the pointer.  The only  keyboard	 input
       that has	any effect at all is the key "q" to quit the program.

       The  slide  rule	 consists mainly of three different areas: the outside
       scales that are normally	fixed with the left hand, and the slider  that
       is  moved  with	the right hand.	 When moving the slider, a black back-
       ground will become visible.

       Pressing	button 1 inside	the outer part of the slide rule will move the
       hairline	to the pointer position, and update the	digital	display	at the
       left-hand side (some comfort a real slide-rule wasn't fond of).	Moving
       the  pointer around while keeping button	1 pressed, will	drag the hair-

       Pressing	button 2 or 3 in the outer part, will double or	half the width
       of the slide rule, respectively.	 This doesn't work very	well.

       Pressing	 button	 1  on the slider, or in the black area	exposed	by the
       moved away slider, will move the	slider so that	the  pointer  position
       will  become  the  "1"  on  the slider.	Moving the pointer then, while
       keeping the button pressed, will	drag the slider	accordingly.

       Pressing	button 3 on the	slider,	or in the black	area, will behave sim-
       ilarly, using the "10" position of the slider.

       Pressing	 button	2 on the slider	allows you to grab and drag the	slider
       without moving it first.

       For the curious,	the various scales are:

	      L	   mantissa of the decimal logarithm of	D
	      A	   square of D
	      B	   square of C
	      CI   reciprocal of C
	      C	   base	scale
	      D	   base	scale
	      DI   reciprocal of D
	      S	   arc sine of D
	      T	   arc tangent of D


       Resizing	of either way doesn't work pretty well.	 Best leave the	geome-
       try as it is.

       Sliderule  uses	a  prehistoric way to obtain X resources, which	is not
       documented in this man page.

       Copyright 1988, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
       See X(1)	for a full statement of	rights and permissions.

       John Bradley, University	of Pennsylvania
       Mark Rosenstein,	MIT Project Athena

       Sliderule used to be the	option "-analog" of the	old xcalc application,
       up  to  X11R3.	This option has	been dropped later, when the stock X11
       xcalc was rewritten as a	Toolkit	application.  This sliderule  applica-
       tion  is	just the old "-analog" code only, with some bugs and inaccura-
       cies fixed, and the trigonometrical scales added.  This work  was  done
       by Joerg	Wunsch.

X Version 11			 3 August 1997			  SLIDERULE(1)


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