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sip-dig(1)			sofia-sip-utils			    sip-dig(1)

       sip-dig - .TH "sip-dig" 1 "Fri Mar 11 2011" "Version 1.12.11" "sofia-

       sip-dig - This is an example program for	sresolv	library	in synchronous

	   Pekka Pessi <>

	   Original Created: Tue Jul 16	18:50:14 2002 ppessi

       sip-dig [OPTIONS] uri...

       The sip-dig utility resolves SIP	URIs as	described in RFC 3263. It
       queries NAPTR, SRV and A/AAAA records and prints	out the	resulting
       transport addresses.

       The default transports are: UDP,	TCP, SCTP, TLS and TLS-SCTP. The SIPS
       URIs are	resolved using only TLS	transports, TLS	and TLS-SCTP. If not
       otherwise indicated by NAPTR or SRV records, the	sip-dig	uses UDP and
       TCP as transports for SIP and TLS for SIPS URIs.

       The results are printed intended, with a	preference followed by weight,
       then protocol name, port	number and IP address in numeric format.

Command	Line Options
       The sip-dig utility accepts following command line options:

       -p protoname
	   Use named transport protocol. The protoname can be either well-
	   known, e.g.,	'udp', or it can specify NAPTR service and SRV
	   identifier, e.g., 'tls-udp/SIPS+D2U/_sips._udp.'.

	   Use UDP transport protocol.

	   Use TCP transport protocol.

	   Use TLS over	TCP transport protocol.

	   Use SCTP transport protocol.

	   Use TLS over	SCTP transport protocol.

	   Ignore SCTP or TLS-SCTP records in the list of default transports.
	   This	option has no effect if	transport protocols has	been
	   explicitly listed.

       -4  Query IP4 addresses (A records)

       -6  Query IP6 addresses (AAAA records).

       -v  Be verbatim.

Return Codes
       0when successful	(a 2XX-series response is received) 1when unsuccessful
       (a 3XX..6XX-series response is received)	2initialization	failure

       Resolve, prefer TLS over TCP, TCP	over UDP:

	$ sip-dig --tls	--tcp --udp
	       1 0.333 tls 5061
	       2 0.333 tcp 5060
	       3 0.333 udp 5060

       Resolve	with TLS over SCTP (TLS-SCTP) and TLS:

	$ sip-dig -p tls-sctp --tls
	       1 0.500 tls-udp 5061
	       2 0.500 tls 5061


Reporting Bugs
       Report bugs to <>.

       Written by Pekka	Pessi <pekka -dot pessi	-at- nokia -dot- com>

       Copyright (C) 2006 Nokia	Corporation.

       This program is free software; see the source for copying conditions.
       There is	NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A

Version	1.12.11			Fri Mar	11 2011			    sip-dig(1)

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