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SFCONV(1)		    General Commands Manual		     SFCONV(1)

       sfconv  -  A  tool  for converting the encoding of Standard Format (SF)

   8-bit to Unicode:
       sfconv -8u [-utf8|-be|-le] [-bom] -c ControlFile	[-d  MappingDirectory]
       -i InFile -o OutFile

   Unicode to 8-bit:
       sfconv  -u8 [-utf8|-be|-le] -c ControlFile [-d MappingDirectory]	-i In-
       File -o OutFile

       A tool for converting Standard Format (SF) files	 is  included  in  the
       current TECkit package.	This is	sfconv , a command-line	tool that uses
       an XML acontrol filea to	specify	the mappings associated	with the vari-
       ous  markers in an SF file. Note	that the current SFconv	tool should be
       considered a prototype rather than a full solution to the issue	of  SF
       conversions. A more complete tool with an improved user interface would
       be desirable.

       The SFconv utility uses command-line options to specify the  conversion
       direction, control file,	and input and output files. The	required argu-
       ments are:

	      conversion direction: 8-bit to Unicode or	vice versa

	      specifies	XML control file

	      specifies	filename of input SF file

	      specifies	filename for converted output

	      In addition, the following optional arguments may	be used	if ap-

	      directory	where mapping files ( .tec files) are to be found

	      Unicode  encoding	form: UTF-8, UTF-16BE, or UTF16-LE (default is
	      UTF8 for output, or detected from	input file if BOM is present)

       -bom   (only when mapping to Unicode) write initial BOM to  the	output

	      (only when mapping to Unicode) normalize to NFC or NFD

Further	Information
       For further information see the document	TECkit_Tools.pdf.  On a	Debian
       system, this can	be found in /usr/share/doc/teckit.

TECkit				  2015-11-13			     SFCONV(1)


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