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setpdfmetadata(1)	FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual	     setpdfmetadata(1)

     setpdfmetadata -- PDF Metadata Updater

     setpdfmetadata [Input PDF]	[Metadata] [Output PDF]

     setpdfmetadata is tool to add and update the metadata of a	PDF file. In
     particular, it can	be used	to add outlines	(bookmarks) to a document.
     Furthermore, it can set the document properties (e.g. author, title,
     keywords, creator,	producer).
     Note, that	all metadata content will be encoded in	ISO-8859-1 encoding.
     It	is not (yet) possible to use non-ISO-8859-1 text in the	PDF metadata.
     The metadata may contain the following commands:

     outline Level Page	Bookmark
	    Add	a PDF outline at the given level (0=chapter, 1=section,	2=sub-
	    section, 3=subsubsection, 4=paragraph, ...)	and pointing to	the
	    given page number. Bookmark	denotes	the label text.

     author Author
	    Sets the document author to	the given value.

     title Title
	    Sets the document title to the given value.

     title Subject
	    Sets the document subject to the given value.

     keywords Keywords
	    Sets the document keywords to the given value.

     creator Creator
	    Sets the document creator to the given value.

     producer Producer
	    Sets the document producer to the given value.

     The following arguments have to be	provided:

     Input PDF
	     The input PDF file	name.

     Output PDF
	     The output	PDF file name.

     A setpdfmetadata usage example:

     setpdfmetadata MyDocument.pdf MyMetadata.meta MyDocument-Updated.pdf
     A metadata	example:
     outline 1 1 Chapter 1
     outline 2 2 Section 1.1
     outline 2 4 Section 1.2
     outline 1 6 Chapter 2
     author John Smith
     title An Example Document
     keywords Example, PDF, setpdfmetadata

     Thomas Dreibholz

setpdfmetadata			 May 18, 2017			setpdfmetadata


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