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SC_WARTS2TEXT(1)	  BSD General Commands Manual	      SC_WARTS2TEXT(1)

     sc_warts2text -- simple dump of information contained in a	warts file.

     sc_warts2text [-d ip2descr-file] [file ...]

     The sc_warts2text utility provides	a simple dump of information contained
     in	a sequence of warts files.  The	output is the same as that which would
     have been provided	by scamper if the text output option had been chosen
     instead of	the warts output option	when the data was collected.  The op-
     tions are as follows:

     -d	ip2descr-file
	     specifies the name	of a file with IP-address, description map-
	     pings, one	mapping	per line.  See the examples section for	fur-
	     ther information.

     While the output of sc_warts2text is structured and suitable for initial
     analyses of results, the format of	the output is not suitable for auto-
     mated parsing and analysis	as the output of sc_warts2text will change
     overtime with no regard to	backwards compatibility.  Analyses of the con-
     tents of a	warts file should be made using	specialised programs which
     link against the scamper file API.

     The command:

	sc_warts2text file1.warts file2.warts

     will decode and print the contents	of file1.warts,	followed by the	con-
     tents of file2.warts.

     The command:

	gzcat file1.warts.gz | sc_warts2text

     will print	the contents of	the uncompressed file supplied on stdin.

     Given a set of IP-address,	description pairs in a file name mappings.txt: "foo" "bar"

     then the command gzcat file1.warts.gz | sc_warts2text -d mappings.txt
     will print	the description	associated with	a given	destination address
     before each result	is presented.

     scamper(1), sc_wartsdump(1), sc_warts2json(1)

     sc_warts2text was written by Matthew Luckie <>.

BSD			       October 15, 2010				   BSD


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