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sc::SavableStateProxy(3)	     MPQC	      sc::SavableStateProxy(3)

       sc::SavableStateProxy - Create a	proxy for a SavableState object.

       #include	<proxy.h>

       Inherits	sc::DescribedClassProxy.

   Public Member Functions
       Ref< DescribedClass > object ()
	   Return the object referred to by this proxy.
       SavableStateProxy (const	Ref< KeyVal > &)
	   Create the proxy with a Ref to a KeyVal object.

   Additional Inherited	Members
Detailed Description
       Create a	proxy for a SavableState object.

       This can	be used	to include an object that has been saved with
       SavableState in an input	file for ParsedKeyVal.

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Version	2.3.1			Mon Jul	3 2017	      sc::SavableStateProxy(3)

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