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sc::SCVector(3)			     MPQC		       sc::SCVector(3)

       sc::SCVector - The SCVector class is the	abstract base class for	double
       valued vectors.

       #include	<abstract.h>

       Inherits	sc::DescribedClass.

       Inherited by sc::BlockedSCVector, sc::DistSCVector, sc::LocalSCVector,
       and sc::ReplSCVector.

   Public Member Functions
       SCVector	(const RefSCDimension &, SCMatrixKit *)
       virtual void save (StateOut &)
	   Save	and restore this in an implementation independent way.
       virtual void restore (StateIn &)
       Ref< SCMatrixKit	> kit () const
	   Return the SCMatrixKit used to create this object.
       virtual SCVector	* copy ()
	   Return a vector with	the same dimension and same elements.
       virtual SCVector	* clone	()
	   Return a vector with	the same dimension but uninitialized memory.
       int n ()	const
	   Return the length of	the vector.
       virtual double maxabs ()	const
	   Return the maximum absolute value element of	this vector.
       virtual void normalize ()
	   Normalize this.
       virtual void randomize ()
	   Assign each element to a random number between -1 and 1.
       void assign (double val)
	   Assign all elements of this to val.
       void assign (const double *v)
	   Assign element i to v[i] for	all i.
       void assign (SCVector *v)
	   Make	this have the same elements as v.
       virtual void assign_val (double val)
	   Overridden to implement the assign functions.
       virtual void assign_p (const double *v)
       virtual void assign_v (SCVector *v)
       virtual void convert (double *v)	const
	   Assign v[i] to element i for	all i.
       virtual void convert (SCVector *)
	   Convert an SCVector of a different specialization to	this
	   specialization and possibly accumulate the data.
       virtual void convert_accumulate (SCVector *)
       virtual void scale (double val)
	   Multiply each element by val.
       RefSCDimension dim () const
	   Return the RefSCDimension corresponding to this vector.
       virtual void set_element	(int i,	double val)=0
	   Set element i to val.
       virtual void accumulate_element (int, double)=0
	   Add val to element i.
       virtual double get_element (int i) const	=0
	   Return the value of element i.
       void accumulate_product (SymmSCMatrix *m, SCVector *v)
	   Sum the result of m times v into this.
       void accumulate_product (SCMatrix *m, SCVector *v)
       virtual void accumulate_product_sv (SymmSCMatrix	*m, SCVector *v)
       virtual void accumulate_product_rv (SCMatrix *m,	SCVector *v)=0
       virtual void accumulate (const SCVector *v)=0
	   Sum v into this.
       virtual void accumulate (const SCMatrix *m)=0
	   Sum m into this. One	of m's dimensions must be 1.
       virtual double scalar_product (SCVector *)=0
	   Return the dot product.
       virtual void element_op (const Ref< SCElementOp > &)=0
	   Perform the element operation op on each element of this.
       virtual void element_op (const Ref< SCElementOp2	> &, SCVector *)=0
       virtual void element_op (const Ref< SCElementOp3	> &, SCVector *,
	   SCVector *)=0
       void print (std::ostream	&o=ExEnv::out0()) const
	   Print out the vector.
       void print (const char *title=0,	std::ostream &out=ExEnv::out0(),
	   int=10) const
       virtual void vprint (const char *title=0, std::ostream
	   &out=ExEnv::out0(), int=10) const =0
       Ref< MessageGrp > messagegrp () const
	   Returns the message group used by the matrix	kit.
       virtual Ref< SCMatrixSubblockIter > local_blocks
	   Returns iterators for the local (rapidly accessible)	blocks used in
	   this	vector.
       virtual Ref< SCMatrixSubblockIter > all_blocks
	   Returns iterators for the all blocks	used in	this vector.

   Protected Attributes
       RefSCDimension d
       Ref< SCMatrixKit	> kit_

   Additional Inherited	Members
Detailed Description
       The SCVector class is the abstract base class for double	valued

Member Function	Documentation
   void	sc::SCVector::assign (SCVector * v) [inline]
       Make this have the same elements	as v. The dimensions must match.

   virtual Ref<SCMatrixSubblockIter> sc::SCVector::local_blocks
       (SCMatrixSubblockIter::Access) [pure virtual]
       Returns iterators for the local (rapidly	accessible) blocks used	in
       this vector. Only one iterator is allowed for a matrix is it has	Accum
       or Write	access is allowed. Multiple Read iterators are permitted.

       Implemented in sc::ReplSCVector,	sc::LocalSCVector, sc::DistSCVector,
       and sc::BlockedSCVector.

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Version	2.3.1			Thu Dec	2 2021		       sc::SCVector(3)

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