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sc::SCMatrixKit(3)		     MPQC		    sc::SCMatrixKit(3)

       sc::SCMatrixKit - The SCMatrixKit abstract class	acts as	a factory for
       producing matrices.

       #include	<abstract.h>

       Inherits	sc::DescribedClass.

       Inherited by sc::BlockedSCMatrixKit, sc::DistSCMatrixKit,
       sc::LocalSCMatrixKit, and sc::ReplSCMatrixKit.

   Public Member Functions
       SCMatrixKit (const Ref< KeyVal >	&)
       Ref< MessageGrp > messagegrp () const
       virtual SCMatrix	* matrix (const	RefSCDimension &, const	RefSCDimension
	   Given the dimensions, create	matrices or vectors.
       virtual SymmSCMatrix * symmmatrix (const	RefSCDimension &)=0
       virtual DiagSCMatrix * diagmatrix (const	RefSCDimension &)=0
       virtual SCVector	* vector (const	RefSCDimension &)=0
       SCMatrix	* restore_matrix (StateIn &, const RefSCDimension &, const
	   RefSCDimension &)
	   Given the dimensions	and a StateIn object, restore matrices or
       SymmSCMatrix * restore_symmmatrix (StateIn &, const RefSCDimension &)
       DiagSCMatrix * restore_diagmatrix (StateIn &, const RefSCDimension &)
       SCVector	* restore_vector (StateIn &, const RefSCDimension &)

   Static Public Member	Functions
       static SCMatrixKit * default_matrixkit ()
	   This	returns	a LocalSCMatrixKit, unless the default has been
	   changed with	set_default_matrixkit.
       static void set_default_matrixkit (const	Ref< SCMatrixKit > &)

   Protected Attributes
       Ref< MessageGrp > grp_

   Additional Inherited	Members
Detailed Description
       The SCMatrixKit abstract	class acts as a	factory	for producing

       By using	one of these, the program makes	sure that all of the matrices
       are consistent.

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Version	2.3.1			Thu Dec	2 2021		    sc::SCMatrixKit(3)

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