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sc::ResultInfo(3)		     MPQC		     sc::ResultInfo(3)

       sc::ResultInfo -	This is	a base class for all of	Compute's result

       #include	<compute.h>

       Inherited by sc::AccResultInfo, sc::NCResult< T >, and sc::Result< T >.

   Public Member Functions
       ResultInfo (Compute *c)
       int & compute ()
       const int & compute () const
       int compute (int	c)
       int & computed ()
       const int & computed () const
       virtual int needed () const

   Protected Member Functions
       virtual void update ()
       ResultInfo (StateIn &, Compute *)
       ResultInfo (const ResultInfo &, Compute *)
       virtual void save_data_state (StateOut &)
       virtual void restore_state (StateIn &)
       ResultInfo & operator= (const ResultInfo	&)

   Protected Attributes
       int _compute
       int _computed
       Compute * _c

Detailed Description
       This is a base class for	all of Compute's result	types.

       Usually Result<Type> will be used to create a result that has a
       particular datum	associated with	it, however a ResultInfo can also be
       declared	to keep	track of datum's for which it is awkward to use

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Version	2.3.1			Sun Aug	30 2020		     sc::ResultInfo(3)

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