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sc::MsgMemoryGrp(3)		     MPQC		   sc::MsgMemoryGrp(3)

       sc::MsgMemoryGrp	- A MsgMemoryGrp that initializes its data using a

       #include	<memmsg.h>

       Inherits	sc::MemoryGrp.

       Inherited by sc::ActiveMsgMemoryGrp, sc::RDMAMemoryGrp, and

   Public Member Functions
       MsgMemoryGrp (const Ref<	MessageGrp > &msg)
       MsgMemoryGrp (const Ref<	KeyVal > &keyval)
       void set_localsize (size_t localsize)
	   Set the size	of locally held	memory.
       void sync ()
	   Synchronizes	all the	nodes.

   Protected Attributes
       Ref< MessageGrp > msg_

   Additional Inherited	Members
Detailed Description
       A MsgMemoryGrp that initializes its data	using a	messagegrp.

Member Function	Documentation
   void	sc::MsgMemoryGrp::set_localsize	(size_t) [virtual]
       Set the size of locally held memory. When memory	is accessed using a
       global offset counting starts at	node 0 and proceeds up to node n() -

       Implements sc::MemoryGrp.

       Reimplemented in	sc::ShmMemoryGrp, and sc::RDMAMemoryGrp.

   void	sc::MsgMemoryGrp::sync () [virtual]
       Synchronizes all	the nodes. This	is useful after	remote memory writes
       to be certain that all of the writes have completed and the data	can be
       accessed	locally, for example.

       Implements sc::MemoryGrp.

       Reimplemented in	sc::MTMPIMemoryGrp.

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Version	2.3.1			Sun Feb	28 2021		   sc::MsgMemoryGrp(3)

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