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sc::InputError(3)		     MPQC		     sc::InputError(3)

       sc::InputError -	This is	thrown when invalid input is provided.

       #include	<scexception.h>

       Inherits	sc::SCException.

   Public Member Functions
       InputError (const char *description=0, const char *file=0, int line=0,
	   const char *keyword=0, const	char *value=0, const ClassDesc
	   *class_desc=0, const	char *exception_type='InputError')  throw ()
       InputError (const InputError &)	throw ()
       const char * keyword () const  throw ()
       const char * value () const  throw ()

Detailed Description
       This is thrown when invalid input is provided.

       Note that sometimes input can be	internally generated, so what
       logically would be a ProgrammingError could result in an	InputError
       being thrown.

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Version	2.3.1			Sun Feb	28 2021		     sc::InputError(3)

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