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SC-IM(1)		    General Commands Manual		      SC-IM(1)

       sc-im - A curses	based, vim-like	spreadsheet calculator

       sc-im [OPTION]... [FILE]

       sc-im  Is  a  curses based spreadsheet calculator program with vim like
       key bindings.

       SC-IM is	a spreadsheet program based on SC

       A spreadsheet is	an interactive computer	application program for	 orga-
       nization	 and analysis of data in tabular form. Spreadsheets are	devel-
       oped as computerized simulations	of paper  accounting  worksheets.  The
       program operates	on data	represented as cells of	an array, organized in
       rows and	columns. Each cell of the array	is a modelaviewacontroller el-
       ement  that  can	contain	either numeric or text data, or	the results of
       formulas	that automatically calculate and display a value based on  the
       contents	of other cells.

       The  user  of  the spreadsheet can make changes in any stored value and
       observe the effects on calculated values. This  makes  the  spreadsheet
       useful  for "what-if" analysis since many cases can be rapidly investi-
       gated without tedious manual recalculation. Modern spreadsheet software
       can  have  multiple  interacting	sheets,	and can	display	data either as
       text and	numerals, or in	graphical form.	SC-IM uses ncurses for	visual
       interface and has vim-like keybindings and some functional similarities
       with vim	text editor.

   Input Control
       FILE   The input	file from where	to read	the spreadsheet.

	      Open SHEET when loading xlsx file. Can be	sheet name or  number.
	      Default is '1'.

	      Print the	version	number of Sc-im	and exit.  It also shows which
	      features were enabled when Sc-im was compiled.

   External scripts
	      Run interactive but without ncurses interface.

	      Save the results in FILE.

	      Quit after loading all the files.	 Useful	when  sending  scripts
	      to SC-IM.

   Other configuration variables
	      Set variable 'autocalc'. Recalculations occur automatically.

	      Set  variable  'numeric'.	A digit	starts a numeric value instead
	      of a command multiplier.

	      Set variable 'half_page_scroll'. <c-f>, <c-b> and	 other	scroll
	      mappings scroll half page	instead	of full	page.

	      Set  variable  'newline_action' VAL to j to move the cursor down
	      after an entry. Set to l to move the cursor right	after  an  en-

	      Set variable 'external_functions'. Enable	external functions.

	      Set  variable 'xlsx_readformulas'. SC-IM will try	to import for-
	      mulas, rather than the final values of a cell.

       Most terminals are able to display 256 colors these days. But  some  of
       them  enable only 16 colors by default. To enjoy	sc-im's	full capabili-
       ties, these terminals need to be	signaled to  enable  256  color	 mode.
       This is usually done by setting the TERM	environment variable.

       export TERM=xterm-256color

       h, j, k,	l, Arrow keys
	      Move between cells.

       PgUp, pgDn
	      One page UP or DOWN.

       gg     Jump to the first	cell.

       v      Starts visual selection.

       ^      Move the cell cursor to row 0 of the current column.

       0      Move the cell cursor backward to column A	of the current row.

       $      Move  the	 cell  cursor  forward to the last valid column	of the
	      current row.

       b      Move the cell cursor back	to the previous	valid cell.

       w      Move the cell cursor forward to the next valid cell.

       g0     Move the cell cursor to the first	visible	column of the screen.

       g$     Move the cell cursor to the last visible column of the screen.

       gM     Move the cell cursor to the middle column	of the screen.

       gH     Go to fist visible row on	the screen.

       gL     Go to last visible row on	the screen.

       gM     Go to middle row on the screen.

       mx     Mark the current cell.

       'x     Jump to a	marked cell.

       =      Enter a numeric constant or expression into the current cell.

       <      Enter a label string into	the current cell. Right	aligned

       >      Enter a label string into	the current cell. Left aligned

       {      Left justify the string in the current cell.

       }      Right justify the	string in the current cell.

       |      Center the string	in the current cell.

       e      Edit the value associated	with the current cell.	This is	 iden-
	      tical  to	``='' except that the command line starts out contain-
	      ing the old numeric value	 or  expression	 associated  with  the
	      cell.  The editing in this mode is vi-like.

       E      Edit the string associated with the current cell.	 This is iden-
	      tical to ``<'', ``\'', or	``>'' except  that  the	 command  line
	      starts out containing the	old string value or expression associ-
	      ated with	the cell.  The editing in this mode is vi-like.

       x      Clear the	 current  cell.	  Deletes  the	numeric	 value,	 label
	      string, and/or numeric or	string expression.

       :      Enter COMMAND mode.

	      See :help	to get more help


       o UNDO /	REDO

       o 65.536	rows and 702 columns supported.	(The number of rows can	be ex-
	 panded	to 1.048.576 if	wished)

       o CSV / TAB delimited file import and export

       o XLS / XLSX file import

       o Key-mappings.

       o Sort of rows

       o Filter	of rows

       o Cell shifting

       o More movements	commands implemented

       o Input and Output was completely rewritten

       o Screen	colors can be customized by user, even at runtime

       o Colorize cells	or give	them format such as bold or underline

       o Implement external functions in the language you prefer and use  them
	 in SC-IM

       o Use  SC-IM  as	a non-interactive calculator, reading its input	from a
	 external script

       The idea	is that	the program can	be identified as another vim-like app.
       SC-IM stands for	Spreadsheet Calculator Improvised.

       Written	by  AndrA(C)s Martinelli and collaborators.  Original man page
       by Daniel Campoverde.

       For known bugs look at

       Please report bugs at

       Copyright (c) 2013-2015,	AndrA(C)s Martinelli <>

       This  software  is  provided by Andres Martinelli ''as is'' and any ex-
       press or	implied	warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied
       warranties  of merchantability and fitness for a	particular purpose are
       disclaimed. In no event shall Andres Martinelli be liable for  any  di-
       rect,  indirect,	 incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential dam-
       ages (including,	but not	limited	to, procurement	of substitute goods or
       services; loss of use, data, or profits;	or business interruption) how-
       ever caused and on any theory of	liability, whether in contract,	strict
       liability,  or  tort (including negligence or otherwise)	arising	in any
       way out of the use of this software, even if advised of the possibility
       of such damage.

User Commands			  2016-02-09			      SC-IM(1)


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